(Sewing) Life in 2011

Sewing in 2011

So, what happened in my life during the year 2011? Definitely a lot, but since this blog is supposed to be a sewing blog, I’m going to talk about everything sewing-related.

  1. One of the most important decision that I made was to close my etsy shop. There are so many things that I want to learn, and I feel that making things for the shop had taken too much of my time. I used to make easy and quick clothes that don’t need too much fitting, but this year I’ve learned to take more time for my projects for better results.
  2. I’ve started to use a vintage pattern drafting book in 2010 to draft several clothes. In 2011, I finally bought a vintage pattern on etsy and made a dress with it. I began to use more vintage patterns now.
  3. Made my first bathing suit!
  4. It was my dream to be able to make anything that I wear, including lingerie, but I was afraid to start. It seemed so difficult and complicated. But I finally gathered my courage to make my first set. Addicted ever since!
  5. It seems that 2011 is the year of firsts! I joined my first sew-along for Men’s shirt at Male Pattern Boldness using Negroni pattern from Colette. I made muslin and altered it to fit my husband’s body. After the sew-along, I have used this pattern numerous times to make shirts for him.
  6. Since joining the sew-along, I got interested to learn more about alteration for better fitting. I bought Fit for Real People and later Pants for Real People for this purpose.
  7. Another sew-along at Male Pattern Boldness, this time is for Men’s jeans. I learned to install jeans button, rivets, and made  button fly! My husband got himself a total of four pants out of this pattern. Thank you Peter for these sew-alongs!
  8. I found my waist! I always feel self-conscious about my body because of my scoliosis and asymmetrical hip. I always wore loose dresses to cover this imperfection. But sewing has made me learn to know my body better and I began to see that my imperfection is just a part of me, nothing to hide about. I began to make more fitted dresses and separates. But most of all, I love myself better now.
  9. I didn’t make too many projects with Japanese pattern books anymore. I used to make lots of clothing from them, the loose line was perfect for me. They are also easy and quick to sew with little or no alteration needed. I think my style has changed now. I’m 40 this year, so I want to look like a grown-up. Err… perhaps a little too late to say that?! Anyway, nothing is too late for anything!
  10. And of course, I got to see the blouse variation that I made for Burdastyle Sewing Handbook! Actually I made the project last year, but it is nice to finally see them printed in such a beautiful book this year.

I think 2011 has been a very good year for me. I can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring! Happy New Year!

For me!

Red cardigan Flat collar blouse Spring dress - Mc Call High-waisted pants Purple tank Loose drape dress Grey linen dress Broken striped top Black shorts A Day in the Mountain Backpack tote Scallop hat Green Bathing suit Summer top Summer shorts Fuchsia top Lace shorts Red romper Button up skirt Corduroy skirt Kasia skirt Pendrell blouse and Kasia skirt Pendrell blouse and Kasia skirt Wrap dress Red cowl dress Minoru jacket Wide leg wool pants Taffy blouse Meringue skirt


White lace panties Peach and grey set

For Sidra:

Cockroach plush

Nature walk knit pants Skull and cross pants Boy Red parachute jacket Silver T-shirt Broken striped T-shirt Khaki pants Boy T-shirt Camel corduroy pants Boy Indigo blue corduroy shirt Grey flared pants

For my husband:


naniIRO Negroni shirt Pumila Men Pumila Men Shot cotton shirt Men Grey pants

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