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Fourth grade bags

Sidra is starting fourth grade today! I made him a new set of bags and pouches for his school needs. Every elementary school student in Japan has this set, consisted of a book bag, a shoes bag, and a pouch for lunch napkin. I’ve made him a set of bags with grey robot print fabric two years ago when he entered second grade. Now all those bags already have holes or ripped at the corners. Since he is a big boy now, Sidra didn’t want all those cute print fabric anymore, he wanted all his bags in camo print. I […]

My new baby!

So one day, Yoshimi noticed that one of her friends was looking for someone who would take her old serger. Being such a nice person who always remembers her other friends, she messaged me rightaway to ask whether I want that serger. Would I want that serger? Why, of course I want!! That was how I got acquainted with Noriko, the owner of the serger. We emailed each other, with Yoshimi translating for both of us, about the serger. Noriko advised me to send the serger to a repair shop first because it had some minor noise problem. She even […]

Weekend, March

Last Saturday we went to meet Doraemon and his friends! Actually, we went to Fujiko F. Fujio museum in Kawasaki. If you’re familiar with the blue earless robot cat, Fujiko F.Fujio is the man who created this anime character. The museum was just opened in September last year, so it is pretty new. The tickets had to be reserved weeks before, and we finally got our ticket scheduled to last Saturday. I love Doraemon since I was living in Indonesia, reading the translated comics and watching the dubbed television series. I collected all the comics but I had to give them away […]

The Starlet Suit Jacket. Enrolled!

  More Craftsy classes! I know I haven’t even continued on my bombshell dress, and the dress pattern for the Couture Dress has just arrived yesterday, but when I read the latest Craftsy newsletter about their newest sewing class, I just couldn’t resist! It is The Starlet Suit Jacket, another Sew Retro series by the awesome Gertie Hirsch from New Blog for Better Sewing. Since I’ve subscribed to Craftsy newsletter, the class was at 50% off, only $39.99 instead of $79.99. I would say that it is a great bargain! The pattern for the suit is designed by Gertie herself and is […]

My Mini Me

Like many other bloggers who are inspired by The Colette Sewing Handbook, I f0llowed suit in the croquis bandwagon. Here is my mini-me! I didn’t feel like setting up my camera today, so I browsed around my photos and picked one that is close enough. After making a rough tracing in CorelDraw, I looked at my croquis and felt so uninspired. I mean, they looked… stubby. I guess the slender yet unproportional fashion drawing everywhere has distorted how I look at real human body. But this is how my body really looks like. I draw a face and some little details and slowly […]

Making tempeh

Now that the summer holiday is over and school has started again, I should have time to sew again! Unfortunately I guess the summer bug has got me, it is so hot in my sewing room upstair that I prefer to stay downstair most of the time. I’m trying to make a dress right now with tie-dye fabric from my mother but the progress is sooooo slow for such a simple dress. Anyway I made something else. The hot temperature is actually perfect for fermentation! So I thought about trying to make my own tempeh. Tempeh is a fermented soy product, […]

Lace shorts (and a haircut!)

Another pair of pants! Or to be exact, a pair of shorts. This time they are for me, made with lace fabric that I bought last summer in Swany, Kamakura. I can’t believe I’ve waited one full year to finally used this fabric! The shorts have very basic shape with a couple of darts on each side, no pockets, and an invisible zipper on the side. The pattern is from Blouse, Skirt & Pants Style Book ―パターンのバリエーションを楽しむ―. I used style #11: Tight straight pants as a base for my shorts. The lace trim on the hem is from Maya Road, another […]

Machineless week and Bombshell dress online course

We took my sewing machine to the repair shop last Saturday. It was such a hot day (35°C !) and my husband carried the heavy machine through several train trips before we reached the Janome dealer in Asagaya. The man opened the sewing plate, took a look inside and shook his head heavily, which of course made me even more nervous. Anyway he said that it might take up to a week to repair the sewing machine and depending on the problem, the repair cost would be up to USD 150. He would inspect the sewing machine and let us know […]

My sewing machine is broken (T_T)

That’s my beautiful Janome sitting sadly in my sewing room. Because it is broken! (T_T) I was sewing a pair of jeans for my husband when the needle stopped because of some threads bunching under the plate. I tugged on the fabric to pull it out, then opened the bobbin case to clean it. I’ve done this many times, and usually it solved the problem. But when I put the bobbin back again and pushed the button to hook the bobbin thread, the thread wouldn’t come out! Tried it manually and still nothing happened. Opened the plate, cleaned it, oiled […]