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Hercules beetle!

There were some crackling sound from inside our larva box when we woke up this morning. My husband peeked inside the box and found this huge beetle! After two years of waiting, our larva has emerged as a huge Hercules beetle last night! I completely missed his pupa stage, which is in between the larva and imago (last stage development of an insect). In Pupa stage, he would stop eating and silently begin the metamorphosis process. This is the most delicate stage, so maybe it was a good thing that we didn’t disturb him at that time. The tip of the horn […]

A guest post and A Best Top!

It is raining outside and the sky is a bit dark, but there are sunshine in my house because I have two wonderful news today! By now, you must have been following the Free Pattern Month over at Grosgrain blog. If you haven’t, you should check it out! It is a whole month devoted for wonderful free pattern and tutorial by several guests from around the blogosphere, one pattern each day! Kathleen is always so full of ideas! I’m so honored to be one of her guest too! Please check out my guest post today where I’m sharing a pattern and […]

Spring sewing

Look at those pretty buttons! If you’re looking for new ideas and inspiration for Spring sewing, you can check out these exciting projects and sew-alongs: Free Pattern Month at Grosgrain Fabulous, April 25-May 27. It starts today and will continue for a whole month with free pattern from the guest bloggers, one free pattern each day! That is indeed so fabulous! I’m also honored to be invited as one of the guest (^_^) the Spring Top Flickr group for inspiration. Jeans Sew-Along at Male Pattern Boldness, starting May 2nd. I’m going to make a pair of jeans for my husband […]

Sew Weekly Challenge: Kidding Around

My first Sew Weekly challenge! If you haven’t heard about Sew Weekly (who haven’t?), you should check out the site now! This week’s theme is ‘kidding around’ where people make creations inspired by outfit worn in their childhood photo. I was quite excited with this theme as most of my clothes are basically shaped like a bigger version of little girls’ dresses. Hello baby dolls, gathered skirt, and ruffles! Now for finding the childhood photo. This turned out to be not quite an easy task. My late father loved to take pictures of his kids when we were still very […]

A Bit of This and A Bit of That

Thank you for all the wonderful messages for Sidra’s birthday! I read them all to him and he asked me: “Who are they, Mama?” 😀 Internet can be a wonderful place sometimes, don’t you think? My husband and I gave him a set of kobito DVD and karuta (Japanese card game). Sidra had been wanting them for sometime and almost bought them from his pocket money. He already has four kobito books, one doll, and one keychain! Then  a surprise package came in yesterday night! A few days ago, I won a gift package from Jojoebi at A Bit of This […]

Japan Quake Appeal Raffle winner

Thank you for all your participation in my raffle for Japan Quake Appeal! I used to choose a random winner today and the winner is: Marga! Congratulations, Marga! I will contact your email shortly. Please continue your support for the quake and tsunami victims. Here’s a link to Save The Children: Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief on GlobalGiving. Save the Children is providing disaster relief for children and families, including child-friendly spaces where kids can play and express their feelings about what they endured, under the supervision of caring, trained adults.

Little things

I joined a small cooking class in the neighborhood and they had a Christmas potluck party yesterday. I always got nervous whenever I have to meet people, and this time I had to make something edible for them! The fact that my skill in the kitchen is not something to be proud of didn’t help either. So I spent the whole week getting nervous about it. I ended up making sweet Indonesian (Javanese) dessert called ‘Jenang Grendul’, it is one of my favorite food when I was a kid. This dessert is some kind of sweet porridge with little balls made […]

Birthday giveaway! – CLOSED

Thank you so much for all the sweet messages on my birthday post! I’m sorry if I couldn’t reply to all, but I read all the messages and they brought a warm feeling to my heart. Sidra was not feeling well and he didn’t go to school, while my husband was working at home, so all of us just stay at home today. But there were so many messages and best wishes from everybody from all over the world! Internet is wonderful and scary at the same time, isn’t it? Anyway, it’s now time for a birthday giveaway! I love […]