Denim monpe pants

Denim monpe Denim monpe

I have made three pairs of monpe pants (Japanese work pants) for my husband and he really likes them, so here’s a new pair in denim for him. Sorry for all the phone pictures!  We were in Shinjuku and I just snapped some quick pictures of him while we were there.

These pants have elasticated waist, no side seams, right front pocket, and knee patches on the inside. You can read more about it in my first post about these pants.

Denim monpe Denim monpe

This time I used denim fabric in medium weight. The fabric is not as stiff as denim fabric for jeans, this is important as the waist is elasticated. You don’t want a bunch of ruched stiff fabric around your waist because it would be uncomfortable! I considered using contrast topstitching for the pants but then decided to make it very simple. Signs of wear will eventually show anyway and the pants will look even better after being worn a lot.

The pattern is from Japanese shop Unaginonedoko, you can contact their email address for purchase in English:

Denim monpe Denim monpe

Pattern is Monpe pants by Unaginonedoko (Japanese), size N. 

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  • Sarah Turnbull

    Just the other day I made my dad some pyjama pants, and he said “Could you make me pants like this to wear in summer?” I think this pattern will be perfect! I’m going to order it tomorrow. Thanks so much for the article and great photos.

  • Jak dla mnie trochę za luźne.

  • He looks very cool in those pants you made! I actually bought the pattern (for myself) ages ago but have never made any pair yet. Your makes inspire me a lot! Thank you Novita!

    • Thank you Yoshimi! He really likes those pants because they feel like pajama pants 😀
      I have made one pair for myself as well but actually don’t really feel comfortable wearing them. I think I prefer more fitted pants….