Shot cotton shirt

Shot cotton shirt Shot cotton shirt

Shot cotton shirt
Sleeve detail

A shirt for my husband, made with Kaffe Fasset shot cotton in the color Persimmon. You might remember that I won the Best Top Judges’ Choice for the Spring Top sewalong last May. One of the many prizes is this 2 yards of Kaffe fasset shot cotton in from Pink Castle Fabrics.

Shot cotton has 2 different colors of threads woven together, creating a special color with certain depth. These pictures don’t do any justice as shot cotton fabric is more beautiful when it moves. The Persimmon color that I chose has orange and red threads woven together.

The pattern is my true and tested Negroni pattern that I’ve used about five times now, this time with double pockets and flap. I added a small detail on the sleeve hem, following a tutorial on this Lichen shot cotton shirt by Carolyn. You might even see that the whole shirt is inspired by Carolyn’s shirt, down to the shot cotton and the pockets (^_^;)

The topstitching is orange red, and the thread used for this shirt is one of the 1o4 Mettler thread spools that I won in Burdastyle’s Holiday Giveaway. They are really a dream to sew with! I’ve used them for various projects and still have lots of unused spools. It will take years to use them all!

Shot cotton shirt Shot cotton shirt

Three red shirts

After the shirt is finished, I just realized that my husband already has two orange red shirts! The other two are store-bought though. Gladly, he still loves this new one, I guess he really likes the color red. My husband told me that he was wrapped in a red blanket when he was taken home from the hospital where he was born, and maybe that is why he likes red. Hmm… I guess so. Anyway, note to myself: do not make more red shirts while these three still last!

Shirt pattern is Negroni from Colette patterns.
Fabric is Persimmon shot cotton from Pink Castle Fabrics.
Tutorial for sleeve hem detail at Handmade by Carolyn.

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