Hooded cowl neck dress

Hooded cow neck dress Hooded cow neck dress

A new dres! The pattern is Burdastyle hooded cowl neck dress in grey jersey. I love how simple and easy to sew the pattern is, while looking so interesting with the giant cowl neck.

The description of the pattern: “This cowl neck dress has a deep cowl that can be transformed into a hood whenever the mood strikes. It has long sleeves and can be worn in the winter months with high boots and tights.”
Hooded cow neck dress Hooded cow neck dress

The pattern only has three pieces. The cowl neck is integrated to the front bodice pattern, making the front bodice pattern looking very interesting. I made all the seams on my serger, and used sewing machine to topstitch the dress and sleeves hem with zigzag stitches.

As usual for Burdastyle pattern, I printed the pattern at 92% and cut size 38. So it is actually closer to size 34 than size 38. Other alterations that I made was shortening the dress and sleeves a bit.

Hooded cow neck dress Hooded cow neck dress

I suddenly realized that for some reason I’m always attracted to cowl necklines. Here’s some that I made in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. This 2015 version has the biggest cowl neck! I wonder why I love them. Maybe because I like how the cowl neck drapes to frame the face and upper body.

Red cowl dress Violet Vogue 1250 Fruit jersey dress (Vogue 1351) Issy top and Elle pants

Pattern is Burdastyle hooded cowl neck dress 09/2015 (PDF), size 38 printed at 92%.

Disclosure: the pattern is sent to me for free by Burdastyle.

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