Red cowl dress (Vogue 2333: Diane Von Furstenberg)

Red cowl dress
Red cowl dress

I was preparing to make the pants that I talked about in the last post when this pattern came through the mail slot. It was a vintage Vogue 2333 – Diane von Furstenberg pattern, probably from the late 70’s or early 80’s. 

From the pattern envelope: “Very loose-fitting, pullover dress with bias blouson bodice and straight skirt, five inches (12.5 cm) below mid-knee or evening length, has front cowl neckline, elasticized waistline, side front slanted pockets, side hemline slits and short kimono sleeves. Self belt has D-rings and edgestitch trim.”

Vogue 2333 - Diane von Furstenberg

The pattern is labelled as ‘very easy’, and who can resist such an instant gratification?! I put aside the pants and started on the dress instead. It was very easy indeed, despite several alterations that I made.

As usual I shortened the bodice by 4 cm, an alteration that I always need to do with commercial patterns. The fabric is rayon with purple flowers on red background. It is a bit see-through, so I added lining to the skirt part. The bodice pieces are cut on bias and kept unlined. I think the drapes would be enough to keep the top part from becoming too see-through.

Red cowl dress
Side slanted pocket and elasticized waist

In the instructions, the waist seam allowances are stitched up to make a channel for the elastic. Since I’ve added lining, I sandwiched the top part between the skirt and skirt lining, then topstitched the waist toward the skirt to create the channel for elastic. I kinda liked it better because there are no visible seam allowance on the inside of the dress. I also omitted the self belt and preferred to wear the dress as it is or with a different belt.

The thing I love about commercial pattern is the instructions where I can learn a lot about construction. This dress doesn’t have any visible topstitching. The back facing and pockets are understitched and the hem is blindstitched. I didn’t blindstitch by hand though, gotta love the blindstitch button on my sewing machine!

The hem was initially longer that the final product, as I kept them proportionally in the same length as the description on the pattern envelope, which is ‘5 inches below mid-knee’. But the length definitely wasn’t working for me when I tried it on. I shortened the dress a bit, put it on again and still didn’t feel comfortable with the length. Cut and tried again several times and suddenly it is now drastically a mini dress. Or maybe a tunic? Anyhow, I feel that this is working now!

Red cowl dress Red cowl dressRed cowl dress Red cowl dress

Pattern is Very Easy Vogue 2333 (Diane von Furstenberg), size 8 (bust 31.5″).

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  • Nat’cha

    Such a lovely dress !!! I fits you perfectly !!!

  • emma

    I’m following your fantastic blog for a year now, and I love every thing you sew, it’s fantastic and beautiful ! It’s a wonderful source of inspiration. When I need ideas for sewing my own wardrobe, I check your blog and that’s perfect ! This dress is awsome, it fits you very well and I don’t think it is to short. Congratulations ! I love the way you make alterations to the patterns you use so they fit the right way ! 🙂

  • Pip

    This is brilliant – I love the fabric especially! And best thing of all is I think I have this pattern at home!!! amazing how just chopping a hem length can create a completely different dress….I’m inspired 🙂

  • Love the color and material, and how you shape it!

  • Excellent! and it is perfect with black tights and your shoes, I love it!

  • Jodie

    Love your dress and adore the fabric. It looks wonderful on you.
    I have so many Vogue patterns they are coming out my ears! : )

  • Love your fabric choice! This is the kind of project we love over at We Sew Retro – come over and see us some time…you might find some kindred spirits! 😉

  • Lovely dress + perfect shoes = You’re radiant!

  • This is such a lovely dress! I suits you really well!

  • Great outfit! Shoes are fantastic with the tights and dress. Always an inspiration, thanks!

  • Love those shoes!

  • A fantastic and beautiful piece of procrastination! Those shoes are right up my street. Fabulous outfit 🙂

  • what a perfect textile for a DVF pattern! simple and perfect. and GREAT with those shoes!

  • lisa

    DEFINITELY working! too cute! (love the shoes)

  • This is really pretty! And you look great in red by the way. I need to find this pattern now:)

  • barbara

    Wow! The dress is so nice, the drape neck line, color… you look great!
    (nice shoes, by the way!)

  • This is really pretty, I think the vibrant fabric really makes it stand out too!

  • I love it! You are so inspiring. And even though you don’t know me (I don’t comment often) my little family is moving to Osaka in the next couple of months from South Africa! So excited!!!!

    • verypurpleperson

      That is so wonderful! I’ve never been to Osaka myself but I’m sure you and your little family will love it there. Good luck!

  • That is SO cool! Please, don’t fall over in those shoes 😉

    • verypurpleperson

      LOL I’m trying! 😛

  • You look stunning in it, what a beautiful colour! Can I ask where you got those shoes? They are to die for!

    • verypurpleperson

      They are Valin boots by Sam Edelman. I bought them from Solestruck but I think they’re already sold out. They’re surprisingly comfortable! I walked around all day in them 🙂

  • Jane

    I had this pattern and recently gave it away as I thought I would never make it. Now I wish I had kept it!

  • It’s gorgeous!

    It’s always a surprise to read that you make adjustments for being shorter as you always look so incredibly tall in the photographs! I make the same adjustments…but somehow don’t appear incredibly tall! X

    • verypurpleperson

      I think it’s the combination of camera placed on waist level and the blank wall (no comparison to other things). Actually I’m 150 cm (4’11”) tall 😀 😀

  • I love this dress! I’ve had an idea floating in my head for drafting a similar garment and this is such great inspiration.

  • Nice! I really like the neckline and the pattern of the fabric. Love a bit of instant gratification 😉