Neon pink lace set and harness bralette

Merckwaerdigh BHS10 and Bunzie panties Merckwaerdigh BHS10 and Bunzie panties

Here’s another Merckwaerdigh BHS10 view C that I’ve made several times! The lace is stretch lace in neon pink that is very hard to photograph. I’ve used similar lace in different color to make a couple of set here.

Merckwaerdigh BHS10

Merckwaerdigh BHS10

As usual, the cups are lined with non-stretch lining and the band is lined with powernet. I use foldover elastic to finish the neckline and underarms and wide elastic for the band.

Bunzies panties

The panties is Bunzies by Stitch Upon A Time, a very versatile pattern with three leg cuts (full coverage, booty and super booty) high and low rises, ruched back options, and elastic and knit band finishing. So many options!

I cut size XS in low rise super booty option and I should say that the result is great! On my body, the super booty is a bit more revealing than in the mannequin. Sorry for not able to show it though!

Scarlette harness Scarlette harness over bra

Another fun thing that I made is this harness bralette made entirely from bra straps. I’ve seen this type of clothing and got curious about them.

Scarlette harness Scarlette harness over bra

The direction is Scarlett strap bralette (PDF) by Evie La Luve. It is relatively easy to make, basically you just sew several length of straps around several rings. I added sliders to the neck strap and body strap so it will be easier to get in it. When not being worn, this harness looks like a crumpled straps and you need to think for a while before getting into it.

Of course it doesn’t offer any support at all and I don’t think it is the intention of this item. The harness is something that you wear on your body like you wear a necklace or bracelet, some kind of body accessory.

Scarlette harness Scarlette harness

I find that it looks quite attractive worn over my neon pink bralette and I wonder how else I can wear this harness. Do you have a harness or have you ever made one? How do you usually wear it?

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