Neon yellow set

Neon yellow set Neon yellow set
I’ve been playing around with this neon stretch lace fabric that I got sometime ago. The fabric is very stretchy and transparent.

For the first set, the pattern is Merckwaerdigh BHB40. The pattern set has two underwired bra pattern and two bodysuit with low leg cut patterns. One of the bra is actually has three-piece cup although the drawings show that both bras have two-piece cup. This came as a nice surprise for me as I have planned to draft a three-piece cup bra.
Neon yellow set Neon yellow set

The notions are from the Basic Kit that I got from Makebra. They has the best foam padding that I have ever encountered. I cut the cup pattern without seam allowance (except for the underwire allowance) for the foam padding and attach them together using zigzag stitch with width set on 5 and length set on 0.5 – as shown by Erin on this post. I think the result is indeed quite stronger than my usual method.

Usually I use zigzag stitch with width set on 3 or 4 and length set on 2. Afterwards, I would cover the seam with lining strips and topstitch them with three step zigzag stitch. Using this new satin stitch method, I don’t have to cover the seam with lining strips anymore.

Neon yellow set Neon yellow set

With the black foam underneath, the neon yellow lace shows the most contrast. The thong has no lining and you can see that the appearance looks quite different than the bra.

As for the fit, I always have good fit with any Merkwaerdigh bra pattern and this one is not an exception.

Neon yellow set Neon yellow set

The second set is made with Watson bra and bikini pattern by Cloth Habit. I made size 30C according the measurement chart. The bra and panties are lined with powernet in the same neon color, the lining pieces are basted to the main pieces and treated as single pieces.

Neon yellow set Neon yellow set
With the neon mesh net as lining, the transparency is reduced but you can still see a hint of skin when the set is being worn. I find that this stretch lace is quite fragile, so lining them is a good decision.
Neon yellow set Neon yellow set
Although it is a soft bra, I’m surprised that it is quite supportive and comfortable. In fact, this bra has become one of my favorite bra to wear recently. The cups are a bit too small though, so next time I might make my usual size, 30D.
Neon yellow set Neon yellow set

Acually I’m not too sure if I like this fabric or not. The color is very bright and interesting, but I find the fabric a bit too fragile. I’m afraid I will create a hole everytime I put them on. But both bra patterns are very good and comfortable. I also really like the Watson bikini pattern.

Anyway, I have the same fabric in other color for another set of lingerie. The other one is neon pink. I don’t know why I keep buying these neon fabrics!
Foam cup bra pattern is Merckwaerdigh BHB40, size 30D.
Thong pattern is Kwik Sew 2075 (out of print), size S.
Soft bra pattern is Cloth Habit Watson bra, size 30C.
Undies pattern is Cloth Habit Watson bikini, size S.
Bra notions are Makebra the Basic Kit in black.

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