Rosita’s jacket and Tokyo Comic Con 2016

Rosita Rosita

Rosita of The Walking Dead

A couple of months ago, my husband asked me if I would like to come with him and a friend to Tokyo Comic Con in December. I’m not really a big fan of crowd so I just told them to go ahead. But then our friend suggested that we’d picked a character and do a cosplay. More reason to sew? Now I’m interested!

I was thinking of dressing as one of the characters from Game of Thrones, but then I thought the flowy dresses would only be worn for that one day. I’m not planning to do a lot of cosplaying so I thought something that I can wear in daily life would be better.

Then I decided to dress as Rosita from The Walking Dead! I think she’s the perfect choice, her jacket is cool and would be a great challenge to sew. Since I would be Rosita, my husband decided that he would be Negan. Sorry for all non-The Walking Dead fans if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Rosita’s jacket is a basic biker jacket, the things that make it Rosita’s are the colour, the shoulder and sleeves details, the straps around the hip, and the zippered pockets on each side of the lapel. Among the biker jacket patterns that I have browsed, Ziggi biker jacket by Style Arc has the most similarities to this jacket.

Rosita Rosita

Ziggi jacket already has similar shoulder and upper sleeves detail although in different shapes. I altered the sleeves and shoulders and change the lower sleeve details. The zippers on the lower sleeves are moved to from the seam to the centre of leather panel. Since Rosita’s jacket has straps around the waist, the lower pockets are eliminated and new zippered pockets are added to each side of the lapel.

Rosita Rosita

Those are the main alterations that I made for this jacket. Other alterations are my usual ones, shortening the bodice and sleeves according to my petite body. I cut size 6 for this pattern.

Rosita Rosita Rosita Rosita

I found suede-like fabric in appropriate color for the main fabric. The black leather parts are made with synthetic leather that has a bit of stretch. remnants of this fabric are used for the knee patch of Rosita’s pants. I used store-bought stretch pants, open parts of the leg seam and inserted the knee patch. Then I sewed the leg seam again.

Rosita Rosita

The hat was originally very light beige, so I dyed it in a mixture of grey and olive green to get the color. My husband found the toy rifle in a junk store near our house. It even has military green strap that really suits the whole look!

Rosita and Negan

Here is Rosita getting threatened by Negan! My husband is very proud of his Lucille bat. During the Comic Con, he was approached two times by the security who wanted to to touch the barbed wire. He made the barbed wire from cotton strings dipped in grey acrylic paint and white glue. Then he used silver marker for the highlight and splattered some fake blood as a final touch.
Lucille Lucille

And here we are at the Tokyo Comic Con! You can see that Negan and Lucille are very popular. As for our friend, he decided to not do a cosplay because he was running out of time. So he became our photographer instead….


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