Needle felting newbie

If you’re following me on Instagram or twitter, you might know that recently I have found a new hobby. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon some very cheap wool rovings in a local market and bought them in a whim. I played with them for a couple of days, making balls and simple shapes.

Sidra and friend
Sidra and friend needle-felting

My husband and Sidra even got interested to join along. And in turn, Sidra’s friends got interested to try as well. For several days, my living room looks like a needle-felting after school workshop with kids sitting around the table poking with needles. They seem happy making little balls to take home. I love that they enjoy other activities beside playing games!

In the evening, Sidra loves to have me around when he’s watching his favorite shows. I don’t really like watching TV shows, so this activity is perfect for me! Sidra can watch TV while I sit next to him poking with my needles for hours. I found this new activity so meditative. Repetitive stabbing of needles, combined with finger pressings, turn the wool roving into any kind of shape.

Here’s some little creatures that I have made!

Doglet, made with Gretel Parker‘s tutorial in Mollie Makes magazine (I bought the digital version).
Doglet Doglet

Penguin, made with tutorial from Japanese book Basic technique of making felt wool mascot.
Penguin Penguin

Bunny with battery-operated LED eyes, made with Techno-Shugei kit (Japanese).
Laser eyed bunny Laser eyed bunny

Zombie sheep, made with tutorial from the book I Felt Awesome by Moxie (I bought the Kindle version).
Zombie sheep Zombie sheep

There are many things that I still need to learn. My needle-felted creatures seems so wuzzy with fibers flying around them, unlike those smooth ones that I saw in books and websites. I don’t know why, maybe I didn’t spend enough time stabbing them? If you do needle-felting, I really appreciate if you’re willing to share any tips!

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