Indigo blue corduroy shirt

Indigo blue corduroy shirt Indigo blue corduroy shirt

I bought the corduroy fabric with the thought of making a pair of pants for Sidra. But when I showed the fabric to him, Sidra said that he wanted a shirt from this fabric. His reason? He said, “Everyone would say that this fabric is better as a pair of pants, so I want to be different and use it as a shirt.” You can’t argue with that, can you? So a shirt it is.

The Henry Shirt

In fact, it was a good opportunity to try my hand on one of the pattern from the Sewing for Boys book that I talked about in my previous post. The Henry shirt is the first project in the book and I really love it. It looks like a simple shirt in a glance, but a closer look reveals more details like the wide pockets, the sleeves and back yoke, and the all-in-one collar. Instead of fabric with different pattern, I placed the corduroy in different direction to create a subtler texture.

I use size 6/7 for Sidra’s shirt. Although he’s 8 years old this year, Sidra is a bit small so the size fits him fine. No alteration was made on the pattern, but I did make a few changes when sewing the shirt.

Only one layer is used for the pockets, instead of doubling the fabric per the instructions. The sleeves/back yoke of Sidra’s shirt is unlined and double- topstitched along the seamlines. I also use double topstitching on the front-to-side and back-to-side seamlines to emphasize the curved lines of the yoke.

Indigo blue corduroy shirt Indigo blue corduroy shirt

Sidra loves the shirt! He likes to wear it over a T-shirt and let the buttons open. “It looks better like this,” he said. I love it too!

Indigo blue corduroy shirt Indigo blue corduroy shirt

Indigo blue corduroy shirt Indigo blue corduroy shirt

Pattern is Henry shirt size 6/7 from Sewing for Boys.

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  • It looks so fantastic – I’m really digging the corduroy.

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you! I love corduroy too 🙂

  • Myriam

    You are an amazing sewer!!! I wish i could have such great seams! Fantastic shirt. Sidra looks great.

  • lisa

    i’d like one in my size, too! worn open, just like your cute little guy!

    you did a great job!

  • I love the shirt! Sidra is too cute!

  • I love Sidra’s style!

  • Funny story about shirt versus pants! Looks Great!

  • Amanda

    Your shirt is great! I love the curved seams with topstitching, the color, and the directional design of the corduroy. What a perfect top for fall!

  • Jun

    This is nice! Glad that your little customer knows what he really wants! 🙂 He has fashion sense!