Indigo blue corduroy shirt

Indigo blue corduroy shirt Indigo blue corduroy shirt

I bought the corduroy fabric with the thought of making a pair of pants for Sidra. But when I showed the fabric to him, Sidra said that he wanted a shirt from this fabric. His reason? He said, “Everyone would say that this fabric is better as a pair of pants, so I want to be different and use it as a shirt.” You can’t argue with that, can you? So a shirt it is.


The Henry Shirt

In fact, it was a good opportunity to try my hand on one of the pattern from the Sewing for Boys book that I talked about in my previous post. The Henry shirt is the first project in the book and I really love it. It looks like a simple shirt in a glance, but a closer look reveals more details like the wide pockets, the sleeves and back yoke, and the all-in-one collar. Instead of fabric with different pattern, I placed the corduroy in different direction to create a subtler texture.

I use size 6/7 for Sidra’s shirt. Although he’s 8 years old this year, Sidra is a bit small so the size fits him fine. No alteration was made on the pattern, but I did make a few changes when sewing the shirt.

Only one layer is used for the pockets, instead of doubling the fabric per the instructions. The sleeves/back yoke of Sidra’s shirt is unlined and double- topstitched along the seamlines. I also use double topstitching on the front-to-side and back-to-side seamlines to emphasize the curved lines of the yoke.

Indigo blue corduroy shirt Indigo blue corduroy shirt

Sidra loves the shirt! He likes to wear it over a T-shirt and let the buttons open. “It looks better like this,” he said. I love it too!

Indigo blue corduroy shirt Indigo blue corduroy shirt

Indigo blue corduroy shirt Indigo blue corduroy shirt

Pattern is Henry shirt size 6/7 from Sewing for Boys.

Sewing for Boys blog tour and giveaway!

Everybody know how hard it is to find nice clothes for boys. Now you think that you can always make them yourself, but where’s the sewing patterns?! It seems that nice sewing pattern for boys are even harder to find.


Sewing for Boys

So I was very excited when I heard about Sewing for Boys by Shelly Figueroa and Karen LePage from Patterns by Figgy’s. This book features 24 projects to make a handmade wardrobe for boys. All sewing level is welcomed here, from beginner to advanced. It’s about time we have books like this!


Shirt and pants

I have finished one project from this book, the Henry shirt pattern, and really love the result! It is tagged as an advanced project, but there are lots of other projects in the book in beginner and intermediate sewing level. (more…)