Lace Racerback Bralette

Lace Racerback Bralette
Merckwaerdigh BHS10
Merckwaerdigh BHS10

This one is a bit different than my usual bra. No underwires, no openings, no lining, just some stretch lace fabric and elastics!

The pattern is Merckwaerdigh BHS10 pattern that I got sometime ago. It contains a mix of 5 different bras, including soft bra, racerback bra, soft lace bra, underwired bra, and a padded bra. It is wonderful that you get 5 bra in one!

I made the soft bra on the upper right, but changed the back to the racerback one. It is basically a bralette as the bra doesn’t offer much support.

I usually wear store-bought soft bralettes to sleep. Wearing underwired bra to bed might bent the underwire, and of course it is not really comfortable. Since almost all my underwear are handmade now, I’ve been thinking of making the bralettes as well.
Lace Racerback Bralette

Racerback bralette

For trying out new patterns, I love using fabrics from clothes that I thrifted or bought on sale. This red stretch lace was harvested from an H&M top bought on sale for USD3. I bought the largest size so I can have as much fabric as I can. In  fact I still have enough fabric for another bra. I’m cheap like that!

I started by cutting size 30D, then removed 3 mm from the center front. The band is not adjustable, so the side seams were sewed the last in case I need to adjust it later. It turned out that the band fits quite well that I didn’t have to make anymore adjustment. If the bra had a back opening, I would have to shorten the band a bit more. Since it is worn over the head like a T-shirt, the band can’t be too tight.

I’m quite happy with the result. This lace bralette is comfortable to wear at home but it is also quite (very!) transparent. I’m planning to make several more in comfortable cotton jersey.

Lace Racerback Bralette Lace Racerback Bralette

Bralette pattern is Merckwaerdigh BHS10

  • Lelie

    This is so pretty!!!!

  • Kacie

    Whoa! That’s beautiful/sexy/classic all in one! I love it!!!

  • kojimi

    It’s beautiful.
    I cant believe be handmaken!

    You have wonderful skill:o~

  • Jes

    Wow! Absolutely love these. You can have a racer back bra collection for everyday of the week. Fantastic!!

  • Chie

    Amazing! They look comfy, and have a great quality. I love all of your lingerie!

  • Thewallinna

    Another cool lingerie set! ^^ I bought the same pattern from Merckwaerdigh to try sew a lace lingerie. I only wear cotton underwear, but this time I’ll go wild! :)

    • Novita

      Can’t wait to see your wild lingerie! 😉

  • maddie

    what a great idea to use fabric, especially lace, from RTW clothing. Often, they have better quality of laces that have been pre-washed and can withstand washing numerous time afterwards.

    • Novita

      Oh really I didn’t know that! It was a good decision then! :)

  • Masko

    Wow, you can sew ANYthing! Stretchy materials scare me off but I should try and practice…it sure looks very comfortable and pretty.

  • Ginger

    This is gorgeous! Your lingerie is always so inspiring!

  • Norma

    Such a pretty set!

    One of the great things about sewing your own lingerie is that you can harvest the fabric from other garments or use what you find in your stash. That is just smart sewing!

  • puisor

    Super nice! Your lingerie collection is pretty impressive.

  • Deb


  • Amber

    I am intrigued by this pattern, is it in english? I just skimmed the ebay page and was not sure.

    • Novita

      Yes the pattern has English instruction. The instruction is quite brief actually so it might help if you have a bit experience with sewing lingerie :)

  • K. Nicole

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love the fact that you make your own undergarments. That’s awesome. 😀 Fantastic job!

  • Juebejue

    omg, this is exactly when I’ve been looking for in stores! I had bought one from amazon and it was pricy! Also the laces are not that comfortable. Perhaps it is time for me to start making bras too! 😀

    • Novita

      You should! It is quite addicting :)

  • Kazz

    Love love love it!! the red, the racer back and the ‘I’m Cheap Like That’ idea! Great job as usual Novita.

    • Novita

      Thank you Kazz! :)