Men’s Denim Pants

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A new pair of pants for my husband that I finished last week. The pattern is Men’s Jeans from Pumila, a Japanese pattern shop, with the same alteration as his previous jeans. The fabric is 8 oz Indigo denim by Robert Kaufman from Whipstitch fabrics, one of my Spring Top prizes.

Men Men

Since the weight of the fabric is only 8 oz, the pants are quite thin. I forgot to take this into account and didn’t interface the waistband. As a result, the waist area got a little bigger after a while and is not as snug as before. I think I will take it apart and fix it later. But other than that, my husband said that the pants, especially the fabric, are really comfortable. The fabric is 100% cotton as well, so this pair of pants is perfect for these hot and humid summer days.

Men Men

Prym rivets and jean buttons
Prym rivets and jean buttons

I use Prym rivets and jean buttons on this jeans. They come as kits pictured here, you make a hole on the jeans, put the rivet and the backing through the hole and hold them with the white plastic thing. Then you just pound the white plastic thing with a hammer.

These Prym kits are very practical, but I find the rivets and button styles are a bit limited. Next time I will try ordinary rivets and use heavier fabrics. Although my husband feels that the pants are comfortable, I think I prefer the look of heavier denim fabric.

Pattern is Men’s jeans from Pumila (paper pattern), altered.
Fabric is 8 oz Indigo denim by Robert Kaufman from Whipstitch fabrics


While we’re in the subject of making jeans, this is how Roy makes real jeans, found via Nikkishell:

Roy’s Jeans – Video by Self Edge from Self Edge on Vimeo.

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