Banksia top and Iris shorts

Banksia top and Iris shorts Banksia top and Iris shorts

Actually I’ve finished this top sometime ago before we moved to this house, but haven’t got time to take proper pictures. I’m still looking for a nice spot for taking pictures, I kinda miss the blank wall in my old apartment.

The pattern is Banksia top by Megan Nielsen. From the pattern envelope: “Semi fitted with button up placket front, and large peter pan collar it also features elbow length sleeves and shaping darts at the bust line. Pattern includes two different placket finishes based on skill level.” 

It was my first time sewing a button placket like this, and I’m happy that I learned something new from making this top. I made the top in size XS, no alteration. The fabric is very thin black cotton with red heart-shaped buttons on the placket. (edited: the fabric is quite cheap so it shrunk after washing, so I probably would need to do an SBA for my future Banksia top)

I think it is quite a cute little top, the shape is simple enough to be made in different fabrics for wardrobe addition. I’m planning to make another in print fabric for summer.

The shorts were made with Iris shorts pattern by Colette, it is one of their newly-released patterns for spring. I was pretty excited when Colette released these patterns, especially because they are now available in digital forms. It means that I don’t have to wait several weeks for shipping, I can sew it rightaway! Anyway, it turned out that I didn’t sew the shorts just until yesterday….

Pattern description: “These simple and cute shorts are so quick to sew, you could make them in every color. Pockets are set into a front side seam and optionally close with buttons. The shorts sport a 4 1/2 inch inseam length and close with an invisible side zipper..” I made them in size 2 with no alteration. Usually I’m a size 0 in Colette patterns, but the finished size measurements showed that there is only 1/2  inches ease around the waist. I thought that this is too little to be comfortable so I chose size 2. As usual for all Colette patterns, the instructions are very clear and constructions went quickly.

It fits perfectly well around my waist and not too big around my hip, although it is size 2. The crotch is quite close-fitting, and I think it makes the back area looks better than the usually low-crotch RTW pants. However, there is a lot of lines around the center front, also there’s a bit of diagonal lines in the back side. Maybe I should have made some fitting alterations to the pants, but I have no idea what kind of alteration that I need to eliminate these lines.

Anyway, the fabric is a meter of twill that I found in my stash, and I have completely forgotten where I got it from. I think it is linen/cotton mix and it is very comfortable against the skin, perfect for summer.

I’ve been sewing standing up since moving to the new house, and I like it! It saves space and I can sew in the kitchen/dining room. The sewing machine and serger are placed on the window ledge, which is quite the ideal standing desk height for a small person like me. I will get a bar stool later so I can have option for sitting down. The room is now called ‘mama area’ in the house because that is where I spend most of my time 🙂

Banksia top and Iris shorts Banksia top and Iris shorts

Banksia top Iris shorts

Banksia top Iris shorts

Top pattern is Banksia by Megan Nielsen, size XS.
Shorts pattern is Iris by Colette patterns, size 2.

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  • first let me say I absolutely love your blog!
    Next these shorts are adorable!!!

  • Marilyn

    Hello Novita!
    I just purchased the pattern because my daughter fell in love with these shorts! I was wondering what your waist/hips measurements are? I think my daughter and I are the same size as you and I want to cute the right size! Thank you for inspiring me (us)!!


    • verypurpleperson

      Hi Marilyn, my waist/hip measurements are 25″/35″. Good luck with the shorts!

  • Anne-Laure

    très joli
    anne laure

  • Teddi

    Love your site and admire your expertise!
    I have been researching lined envelope bags (like your iPad case) and though I found one that is similar, the tutorial is not very clear. (I tried it today, and found it lacking)
    Please consider a tutorial, as you always make your construction directions very clear. And you have the photos to back them up!
    Thanks again,

  • Lisa

    I love how simple the colours are and how the banksia top turned out to be so classy and edgy at the same time. I bought this pattern, but haven’t gotten started on it yet. I was wondering, since you did no alteration to XS, if you don’t mind sharing, what is your bust measurements. I am contemplating whether I should do a SBA as my bust size is 32 3/4″. Thanks…

    • verypurpleperson

      My bust measurement is 31″. I do recommend SBA though because I feel that my fabric shrunk after washing, it is quite cheap and unstable. I’m planning to make another top and do a proper SBA this time 🙂

      • Lisa

        Thanks for replying. Just curious, if the fabric shrunk, why would a SBA be necessary. Or is this a silly question…

        • verypurpleperson

          Oh I’m sorry for not being too clear, sometimes I have trouble expressing my thoughts in English (-_-“) What I mean was my fabric shrunk a lot after washing and that is why it kinda fits better for my measurement. However, I suppose you would use fabric with better quality (which doesn’t shrink) so an SBA is recommended to make it fit to your bust measurement.

  • So cute! I love this outfit! I’m working on the Iris shorts right now, and I’m getting those strange diagonal lines, too. I’m really not sure what’s causing them, either.

    • verypurpleperson

      As Jenny in New York stated below, she has read that the front inseams of collette pants patterns are unusually straight. (Clovers specifically). A straight front inseam apparently leads to “kitty whiskers.”
      Maybe that is the issue? I’m planning to make another pair with fixed front inseam and see the result 🙂

  • Super sweet outfit. I’ve been thinking about getting the Iris shorts pattern for awhile – you may have just convinced me 🙂

  • oh this is so great! i love the lightweight neutral banksia, and those shorts are perfect on you. great to know they fit so well without alterations.

  • Joyce

    cute cute cute!! I love the entire outfit. Super nice job 🙂

  • Jenny in New York

    Very cute outfit and I especially like the shorts. I haven’t used collette patterns myself, but as for the wrinkles that you mentioned, I have read that the front inseams of collette pants patterns are unusually straight. (Clovers specifically). A straight front inseam apparently leads to “kitty whiskers.” I don’t think it’s noticeable in the photos at all, but maybe that’s what you are seeing? Still, they’re really cute and I like the front pocket detail. And, beautifully sewn, as always!

    • verypurpleperson

      That makes sense! I compared the front inseam to my other shorts, and I could see the difference. Thank you so much for the tip!

  • Love those shorts! I think I’m going to have to splurge for the pattern. They look like exactly what I want in a pair of shorts. Great outfit. Your shoes are really fun, too.

  • What an adorable outfit! Good job 🙂

  • Very pretty, really liking the fit of the shorts here. The colours seem a little subdued for your usual style though..

  • You look adorable in this outfit! Great job!

  • Best outfit! Really sweet. I’m not one to wear shorts but I am interested to make that blouse…

  • Deb

    I love those shorts and the top is so cute!