Summer knit dress (McCall’s 6700)

McCall's 6700 McCall's 6700

McCall’s 6700

I’ve been busy this week since Monte came, house-training him and such, that I don’t have too much time for my sewing machine. But yesterday I really want to make something instead of wiping dog pee off the floor, so here’s a quick dress for an instant gratification.

The pattern is McCall’s 6700 from the Spring 2013 line. From the pattern envelope: “Pullover dress has fitted, mock wrap bodice, shoulder ties, elasticized shoulders and raised (seamed) waist, fitted, narrow hem, thread carriers and self belt.” This dress is designed for medium weight stretch knits and I was happy to find this floral knit fabric in my stash. It is a very simple dress so it is a good base for the lively prints.My fabric is only 2 m though, so I didn’t make the self belt.

I made size 8 with some alterations. I don’t like elastics on my waist line so I shortened the bodice about 2 cm so to raise the waistline. The skirt was shortened about 20 cm. I use clear elastic for the shoulders and also along the wrapover neckline to stabilize them. The hemline is left raw because knits won’t fray.

McCall's 6700 McCall's 6700
This pattern is marked as easy, it has only 3 pieces, front, back and skirt (the same for front and back). But eventually making the dress was not as quick as I’ve thought because of the shoulder ties! Making the shoulder ties requiring the ability to stitch on knit fabric with narrow seam allowance, and then turned the long, narrow tube inside out. I think I spentΒ  more time turning those ties than on the dress. Is there a better way to do this?

The armholes were a bit too high on me but I guess they are still okay so I don’t have to fix it. The clear elastic does a good work preventing the gape. I think I’m quite happy with the dress! Now where’s the warm weather?

Pattern is McCall’s 6700 , size 8.


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  • Libby

    Thanks for your inspiring blog, and this one in particular. I made the dress right before our trip to Hawaii! I can’t believe how comfortable it is – used a thin lycra jersey and made the skirt less full.

    Handy device for turning is called a bodkin.

    Somehow I first found your blog on making undies. Now I know what to do with those unworn, saved t-shirts (fabric still fresh and stretchy). Someone said recently “Women just want comfortable underwear”.

  • Love your choice of fabric! Super cute dress.

  • Looks so pretty and comfortable!

  • I’ve never worn a maxi dress but seeing this and another one of the bloggers I follow planing to use the exact same pattern makes me think it might be worth a try.

  • Joyce

    Your dress is adorable! I love the fabric. πŸ™‚

    you should make sure to stop the howling habit soon! My dog is already 9 years old and we’ve had her for 5 years. As a puppy her previous owners didn’t stop the howling so now she howls whenever she thinks she’s lonely, even when we’re sitting right next to her on the couch! It’s very hard to stop her once she starts.

  • Mie @ Sewing Like Mad

    Oh, that is so pretty and it does not look simple at all. Fits you so well and must be so comfortable. Perfect dress.

  • I love this! What a gorgeous print! This looks great on you! Monte looks adorable, too.

  • Emily

    For the tubes…. If you have a serger make a chain of thread as long as your tube. Once you have that done place the chain in between your fabric pieces and serge as normal being careful not to catch the chain in your new stitches. Once you reach the end clip the just sewn stitches and you will have your previously sewn chain hanging out of the bottom tube. Pull this chain and your tube will be right side out! Kind of hard to explain without pictures but this is my favorite method for thin long straps!

    • I love that idea about the chain! I think you explained it very well and I understand exactly what you mean. I’d worry about my chain moving around and getting cut or sewn into the seam, but I will still try it out.

      I usually just put a safety pin through the end of the tube and push it back onto itself, or I have a clamp thing that I sometimes use (there are pictures of both techniques here:

  • I love that print! It seems like it will transition well into fall as well-such pretty colors!

  • Just beautiful! and I love your fabric. Perfect for the warm weather that is coming πŸ™‚

  • I love it! That pattern is on my make-for-summer list, too. I’m 5 feet tall and used to think I was too short for maxiskirts and maxidresses… but this year I decided short girls can TOTALLY rock that look! I’m that;s what we are going to do!

  • I hear you on the warm weather! It’s just starting to warm up in Philadelphia and I’m so excited to wear my spring dresses. No more tights!

    My suggestion for the ties is the same as Belinda’s – I have a loop turned that helps a lot!

  • isabel

    Hi Novita
    Hardly noticed your dress – too busy looking at the other ‘model’ in the photo!! Maybe he’s the one for you if your husband has already bonded with him.
    The dress is lovely – the shoulder ties might have been a pain to do, but they lift the dress into special-looking.

  • You can buy “loop turners” I have not used them but they are designed for this. I have seen them on ebay. Am still learning but for our first tote we used a safety pin , attached and worked it through the tube but the straps were thicker than yours.

  • Oh my, that’s beautiful! And it really reminds me of how badly I want to make a maxi dress!

  • This is lovely! I really need to get going making some summer wear! Well done and the ties are so thin and look great so it was worth the effort πŸ™‚

  • Lovely, I am now inspired to sew maxi dress. Your dog is lovely btw. I once dogsat a beagle for two hours, boy oh boy they are so needy. That poor dog howled the entire two hours. Hope yours is good

    • Oh wow two hours of howling?! Our foster dog howls when he’s left alone. Hopefully it will get better then, he’s only been with us for a week πŸ™‚

  • Gorgeous! So nice to “shop” your stash and come out with a beautiful fabric. I’m going to have to snatch up this pattern πŸ™‚
    And for ties, I use a safety pin-hook to one side, push through tube, turning it. Gives you something to hold onto.

  • Belinda

    Great summer maxi! I have a hook that I use to make spaghetti straps. Basically it’s a really long hook with a latch on the end. You feed the tube onto the hook, lock the latch onto the end to anchor and pull through. Should take about 30 seconds!

    • Deb

      I’ll have to look for one of those- I too hate turning narrow tubes and will often just do a double fold and avoid it completely… lol.

      Novita, this dress is gorgeous and looks great in that print! Love it!

      • That’s what I usually do as well! πŸ˜€

    • I should be looking for this tool! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • I like it!

  • I love your fabric choice, novita. Lovely dress and perfect for summer. I am planning to make at least one maxi dress soon, thanks for sharing this pattern:)

  • This is so perfect for summer! I’ve been planning to make some maxi dresses soon, so thanks for sharing this pattern. I just love the fabric!