Circle scarf and bow brooch

Circle scarf and bow brooch
Circle scarf and bow brooch
Circle scarf and bow brooch
It’s about time to warm up my knitting needles again. I started knitting this scarf about two days ago while waiting for Sidra in his swimming class. This scarf is knitted on double pointed needle size 15 JPN/6.5 mm and only utilized K1P1 ribbing stiches, no eyelets, fancy lace, etc, because it seemed that my knitting skill has gone back to zero. The yarn is Puppy Maurice wool yarn in sort of blue-green-beige colour.

It’s finished today and then I knitted a little bow brooch from the leftover, again only using K1P1 ribbing stitches. The whole result is a little bit wonky, but the yarn are so soft, warm, and delicious so I love them anyway.
Knitted bow brooch Knitted bow brooch

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for your fast reply! ^.^
    I promise to start as soon as I have some time!
    Have a nice day! Byebye

  • verypurpleperson

    Hi Anonymous,
    I used 2 skeins of yarn, each is about 71 yards/65 m. You can find more info about this project in my ravelry page here:
    Hope you will make it soon! ^.^

  • Anonymous

    Dear Novita,
    I love this circle scarf so much, that it makes me want to try to knit one by myself, although I have not knitted anything before! O_o
    Could you tell me how much yarn is needed for one? I have no idea! Thank you so much! And good luck for the tokyo made market!


    śliczne…..podziwiam pomysłowość!

  • Katie

    I have a circle scarf but for some reason couldn't figure out how to wrap it around my neck and make it look nice. Yours looks great! I'll have to pull mine out and try again.

  • jessi_O

    I love it! it looks so comfy!

  • Karencilla

    that´s sooo pretty.. i wish i could use that here. I would literally melt with that. it's too hot here.

  • Allison

    i love your circle scarf. it's so pretty!

  • vivatveritas

    adorable! the aqua color looks so great on your black outfit. love the bow too:)

    i havent knitted forever – your blog post made me want to knit again!