Japanese knitting needles and a new project

Yesterday I just found out the reason why Sidra’s hat is too small (and why my fingers hurt when I’m knitting). The reason is: I didn’t know that Japanese knitting needles sizes are different than US sizes! D’oh.

It means that all this time I’ve been struggling to knit with needles that are 2 sizes too small. No wonder that my fingers hurt! I was just beginning to wonder that I really had no talent for knitting, it was so hard knitting those yarns. Then I found this site that says: “Japanese needle sizes are different from another countries. We have made a conversion chart below.” Dang.

Anyway, I’m actually happy because now I know that knitting shouldn’t be that hard. I should be getting back to knitting soon.

On the other hand, I’m beginning to get interested in crocheting. I’m starting a new project today, it’s supposed to be a beret in puff stitches. This is as far as I’ve gone by now, and I have to say it’s easier than knitting. Of course my previous knitting experience is with wrong needles, so my opinion cant be trusted here.

This is actually my second crocheting and I’m already in love with those little puffs. Can’t wait to finish it! And then I really really have to go back to the sewing room to make a camera bag.

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