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Red Bobble Hat

Red bobble hat
I’m hooked on crocheting! I found these skeins of yarn in a secondhand shop for ¥200 for two of them. The label says that it was wool made in Marabá, Brazil. This hat used up about 1.5 skeins of the yarn.

The finished hat is not as slouchy as I want it to be, but I guess it still looks cute. I really like those little puffs.

Pattern is Bobble Beauty by Dot Matthews, found from Ravelry .

5 Responses to Red Bobble Hat

  1. Katie says:

    Very cute, the red looks great with your skin tone. My sister just took up crocheting. I’ll have to show her this post. I like the puff/bobble stitches alot.

  2. Adelaide B says:

    Too cute!

  3. Katja says:

    That’s so cute and such a nice color… if I were not red-haired I would love to make one for myself!

  4. verypurpleperson says:

    Hi there, thank you!
    I found the pattern through http://www.ravelry.com, but you have to be a member (free) to browse the patterns. But here’s a direct link to the to the pattern: http://patbythehook.blogdrive.com/archive/30.html
    Hope you enjoy it!

  5. mysordidlife says:

    i love it! but where did u find the pattern? i’m wanting to make me one of these :), by the way, the outfits u make ur son are soooooooooooooooooo cute!

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