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Tara top Tara top

I was waiting for the bus yesterday when it was raining, so I took shelter in a fabric store nearby. Of course it wasn’t the best decision (or maybe the best), because when I got home  there was suddenly some addition to my mound of fabric stash.

To somewhat lessen my guilty feeling, I immediately worked on one of the fabric. All the fabric in that store was already cut to 1-3 m, this one looks like rayon and is only 1 m in length. I got it for only USD3! Although it has rabbits and little houses on it, I don’t think it looked like kids’ fabric. Maybe because of the muted colors and the almost abstract shapes. The brown background is not a solid color, but rather a mix of brown and black in textured pattern.

Tara top - Style Arc

Tara top / picture from Style Arc website

The pattern is Tara top by Style Arc, from the description in the website: “Cute casual shirt with interesting double collar detail. Bias cut sleeve band, side splits and buttoned front opening. This is a very handy shirt to have in your wardrobe.” I made the top in size 6 and the only alteration was shortening the bodice as usual.

The buttons are round yellow plastic buttons from my stash. I think they match perfectly with the dotted swirling path pattern of the fabric. I only had five of these buttons, so for the undercollar I used a small yellow shirt button.

When the top is finished I just realized that the fabric also has skulls on it! I wonder what’s the story with all these rabbits, little houses, moons, and skulls. I’m not too happy about the pattern placement on the center front but there was not much I can do with one metre of fabric.
Tara top and Ali knit skirt Ali knit skirt

The skirt pattern is Ali knit skirt also by Style Arc. I’ve made it before, but this time I skipped the ruched front and only used the back panels twice as suggested by the pattern: “For a plain skirt just cut 2 of the back panels, or for a rouched all round skirt cut 2 of the front panels. Three styles from the one pattern.”

I finished the waist rather differently. Instead of folding the wide elastic tape inside, I just let it be the waistband. I thought it looked more interesting like that. The dummy has smaller hip than me, so the skirt looked wrinkled. But when I wear it, it hugged my hip closely without any wrinkle.

I guess I don’t regret my decision to take shelter in that fabric store!
Tara top and Ali knit skirt Tara top and Ali knit skirt

Top pattern is Tara by Style Arc, size 6.
Skirt pattern is Ali by Style Arc, size 6.

Floral bomber jacket and knit skirt

Bomber jacket and knit skirt Bomber jacket and knit skirt

Bomber jacket and knit skirt

I love my new jacket! The pattern is Rigel bomber by Papercut patterns. The first time I saw it was in Sophie’s blog with her wonderful polkadot version. Since then I couldn’t get rid of the image of my own bomber jacket from my mind. I wanted a bomber jacket, and it had to be in floral pattern. Why? I don’t know, it just had to.

Rigel bomber description: “An easy fit unlined raglan sleeve bomber jacket with the option to make with a geometric sleeve detail or plain sleeve. It features front welt pockets, neck, sleeve and hem ribbing, open end front zipper, and front facing.”

I found the perfect fabric in a small fabric store in my neighborhood. The fabric has a bit of stretch with fuzzy flannel on the wrong side with dark floral pattern that looks like watercolour. The zipper and ribbing fabric all came from the same store. Since the store sells end of bolt fabric in cheap price, I only spent about USD10 for the jacket.

The alteration: I shortened the bodice about 1 cm across the neckline. This way I shortened the bodice as well as the neckline. Then I altered the sleeves to match the length. The jacket actually sewed very quickly but I spent a bit of time with the pockets.

Bomber jacket and knit skirt Bomber jacket and knit skirt
Bomber jacket and knit skirt Bomber jacket and knit skirt

Pocket - first version

Pocket – first version

At first I used red rayon lining for the pocket bag. I wore the jacket a couple of times before I decided that I didn’t like it. The pocket bag was too small, the red lining showed too much, and the fabric is not strong enough. I really like the jacket though, so I decided to unpick the whole pockets and redid them using the same fabric as the jacket. It was a risky move but I’m glad I did it because now I adore the jacket!

Bomber jacket and knit skirt Bomber jacket and knit skirt

Floral bomber jacket Floral bomber jacket Floral bomber jacket Floral bomber jacket

Fleece lining Fleece lining Fleece lining Fleece lining

I also made a detachable fleece lining to make the jacket more winter-friendly. The sleeves were also lined with rayon lining so they won’t cling to my clothes when I wear the jacket. The fleece lining is attached to the jacket by rows of buttons along the center front, neckline, and end of sleeves.

I think everybody needs a floral bomber jacket! This is absolutely my new favorite clothing item. The jacket is stylish, comfortable and very wearable. In fact I’ve worn it almost everyday this week, even when the pockets weren’t properly finished and the lining wasn’t made yet.

Ali knit skirt / picture from Style Arc website

Ali knit skirt / picture from Style Arc website

The skirt pattern is Ali knit skirt by Style Arc. I was quite happy with my first Style Arc pattern that I decided to join the Professional Pattern Club. The membership includes 10% off all pattern, free pattern of my choice, and a gift. The package arrived yesterday and the gift is black Bengaline stretch fabric enough for a pair of pants! I was so happy that I already ordered more patterns so I can use the fabric.

The Ali knit skirt desciption: “Latest fashion, this slim line pencil skirt featuring front draping, plain back and elastic waist. For a plain skirt just cut 2 of the back panels, or for a rouched all round skirt cut 2 of the front panels.”

10-P1320562 11-P1320565 Ali knit skirt
This pattern was such an instant gratification! It only has two pieces and everything was done on overlocker so it only needed less than an hour to finish. I didn’t make any alteration other than shortening the hem about 5 cm. The fabric is rather thick jersey that I bought in the same store as the jacket fabric. The color is actually not truly black but rather very dark brown that matches the dark colour part of my jacket.

The skirt is very comfortable and the style is versatile. I can see myself wearing this skirt quite often in the future. So far I had had two successful result with Style Arc patterns, can’t wait to work with the next one!

Jacket pattern is Rigel bomber by Papercut patterns, size 34.
Skirt pattern is Ali knit skirt by Style Arc, size 6.

Birdie Scout Woven Tee and Corduroy Moss Skirt

Scout woven tee and Moss skirt

After finishing my corset, I yearned for a quick and easy project to refresh myself. Refreshing from one sewing project by making another sewing project? One might wonder if I have no life beside sewing lol.

Anyway I was in Okadaya, a fabric store in Shinjuku, to find some corset supplies when I found this piece of double gauze fabric with cute birds pattern. It was only 70 cm but I bought it anyway, thinking that I could make it into a simple top.
Scout Woven Tee Scout Woven Tee

The Scout Woven Tee from Grainline studio has been in my stash for sometime and I think the simple shape is great to show off the bird print. I cut size 0 with no alteration except for shortening it about 5 cm. My fabric is of course not enough for the neckline binding, I used store bought binding in light yellow double-gauze cloth.

It is such an easy and simple pattern with wonderful shape! I can easily see this tee become one of my everyday staple.

Moss skirt Moss skirt
What is better to wear with a Scout Woven Tee than the Moss Skirt from Grainline studio? Of course! I bought the Moss skirt PDF pattern rightaway and start cutting into my fabric that afternoon. The fabric is green corduroy, the same one that I used for Sidra’s sarouel pants. I cut size 0, did a little swayback alteration, and lengthened the hem about 5 cm. It was indeed a very mini skirt before lengthening!

Moss skirt Moss skirt

As the Scout Woven Tee, the Moss skirt is also an easy and simple pattern. The most difficult part was probably the fly front zipper but I’ve made this several times so it went okay. My skirt also has center back seam on the waistband because I wanted the corduroy grain to stay horizontal on the front.

Scout woven tee and Moss skirt Scout woven tee and Moss skirt

The next day I went to a park near my house to enjoy the beautiful day with Sidra. I rarely took pictures of my outfit outside because I was shy. How all of you do it? But actually I live in a very wonderful area with lake, park, and woods nearby. I’ve brought my tripod with me but was too shy to set it up taking self-pictures in front of people.

Eventually I asked Sidra to be my photographer that day. He was very excited that he was finally allowed to use the SLR and took hundreds of pictures of me, of flowers, of people, and of dogs. He did a wonderful job although I was too self-conscious to pose. I think I look a little different when other people taking pictures of me than when I took them myself, don’t you think so?
Scout woven tee and Moss skirt

Scout woven tee and Moss skirt

Top pattern is Scout Woven Tee size 0.
Skirt pattern is Moss Skirt size 0.

Pattern testing: Hollyburn skirt

Hollyburn skirt

Hollyburn skirt

You must have known by now that Tasia of Sewaholic has just launched her newest pattern, the Hollyburn skirt. It means that now I can share the pictures of the skirt that I have made as one of the pattern tester!

This is the third time I’ve been a pattern tester for Sewaholic pattern, the other ones are Minoru Jacket and these Renfrew tops. I’ve also made her Pendrell top several times and this Cambie dress is one of my favorite thing in the world. I never have to alter her pattern too much, each time it was just shortening the bodice or hem and other slight adjustments. All the things I made from her pattern are worn in daily basis and this is the sign of a succesful project. I think Tasia is a genius!

With this skirt pattern, I didn’t even have to alter any single thing. This pattern is drafted for beginner level. A flared skirt, almost half-circle, with three different lengths with three different amounts of flare. Because it is a flared skirt, you only have to choose the size based on the waist. The skirt also has pockets and optional button tabs or belt loops.

I made view C, the shortest length in size 2 with button tabs. The fabric is black polyester with suede-like texture and the lining is black rayon. Tasia’s sewing instructions are clear as usual and I’m sure anybody in beginner level won’t have any trouble following it.

Actually I wasn’t too sure about the skirt when I first saw the pattern. It was not the style that I usually consider to wear. But I changed my mind after wearing it. It is flattering and comfortable at the same time. This is a very versatile pattern that will look good in solid or patterned fabric, in any length, and even in almost any type of fabric. It’s a good thing that I tested this pattern, now I know that I can wear this style of skirt!

Hollyburn skirt Hollyburn skirt
Hollyburn skirt Hollyburn skirt
Hollyburn skirt Hollyburn skirt

Pattern is Hollyburn skirt by Sewaholic, size 2.

Pink Pendrell and Zebra print Kasia

Pink Pendrell and Zebra print Kasia Pink Pendrell and Zebra print Kasia

The sun is shining today so I can take some pictures of my recent sewing. Here’s another combo of  Kasia and Pendrell that I finished a couple of days ago. When I made this Kasia skirt for me, I wasn’t quite sure if I would be wearing it often. Turned out that the skirt has become one of my wardrobe staples that I reached often. I decided that it  is time for another Kasia!

As before, I printed the pattern at 92% and used size 38. I love this method -instead of merely shortening the hem- because it makes the shape and details of the skirt more proportional to my petite body. And with this particular pattern, no fitting alteration is needed for my body!

Pendrell + Kasia

I did make several design alterations though:

  • Omitted the flap and pockets and kept the gathered side yoke for decorational purpose only.
  • Changed the slits to back vent, using this helpful tutorial at A Fashionable Stitch. I really recommend this alteration as it makes the skirt looks better in my opinion.
  • Shortened the hem to above my knee.
  • Narrowed the hem by 2 cm on either side.
  • Used invisible zipper on center back.Zebra print Kasia
  • Added Rigilene boning to the waistband facing. I didn’t use any interfacing because the fabric is stiff enough.

Zebra print Kasia

Hot pink Pendrell Blouse Zebra print Kasia

For the fabric, I was offered by Lisa from OnlineFabricStore to try out their animal print microsuede fabric. I got a $30 gift certificate for shopping and ended up choosing the microsuede in zebra pattern. The caption says ‘White Giraffe Microsuede’, although I’m quite sure that this is a zebra pattern.

Hot pink Pendrell Blouse

Pendrell blouse

The microsuede is actually home decor weight. As suggested in the fabric description, I pre-washed it in cold water and it indeed became suppler. I didn’t encounter any particular difficulties sewing the fabric using needle #14, the one I usually use for sewing bags or other thicker fabrics. No topstitching though because I didn’t like the way it ‘cut’ into the soft surface of the fabric.

The skirt definitely need lining because the wrong side of the microsuede is not as soft as the right side, I used blue rayon lining from my stash. The waistband facing and hem are finished with light blue seam binding. I love how the inside of the skirt is so bright and colorful!

The Pendrell Blouse is made with hot pink stretch charmeuse from the same store. I just love this pattern and it is so perfect paired with pencil skirt! The fabric has a bit of stretch in it so it is easier to put on and off. I used the matte side on the outside, which makes the shiny side against my body and it feels so comfortable.

Yesterday’s snow was exciting but I’m now really craving for Spring to come!

Zebra print Kasia Zebra print Kasia

Pink Pendrell and Zebra print Kasia Pink Pendrell and Zebra print Kasia

PS: Sidra has got a cold today so he stayed at home and ‘helped’ me with the photos.

P1250324 P1250320

Skirt pattern is Kasia, free PDF pattern by Burdastyle, size 38 shrunk by 92%. Fabric is microsuede in zebra pattern (100% polyester).
Blouses pattern is Pendrell Blouse by Sewaholic, size 2. 
Fabric is hot pink stretch charmeuse (97% Polyester, 3% Spandex).

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