Taffy blouse and Meringue Skirt

Taffy blouse & Meringue skirt Taffy blouse & Meringue skirt

Here’s a couple of projects that I made from Colette Sewing Handbook. I really love this book! I just can’t stop reading it cover to cover. The book has five patterns for size 0-18 in it, but this is not just a pattern book. It covers all the basic knowledge about garment construction with clear explanation and step by step pictures. I love that it also covers about good fitting, types of alteration and how to do it.

Taffy blouse - Colette Sewing Handbook
Taffy blouse – Colette Sewing Handbook

My first Colette pattern is Negroni that I’ve used to make countless shirts for my husband. Taffy blouse would be my first Colette women’s pattern, this is quite a simple pattern with only three pieces and no facing. The blouse is cut on bias, that makes it stretchy and doesn’t need opening. The neckline and flutter sleeves are finished with bindings and all the inside are french seamed.

Taffy blouse
Taffy blouse

The bust on size 0 is still too large for me, so I made small bust adjustment to the pattern. Conveniently, the book also covers how to do this in chapter 4: A Fantastic Fit.

After making the adjustment, I tissue-fitted the pattern, my new favorite fitting technique from the book Fit for Real People. I found out that the shoulder seam needed to be deepened a little bit. I didn’t make alteration for short bodice (that I usually need to do)  because it has been shortened by the shoulder seams alteration.

As mentioned in my previous post, I used charmeuse for both the blouse and the bindings. My finished bindings ended up a bit wavy, the flimsy fabric wasn’t really easy to sew! I should practice more on my binding sewing technique.

Meringue skirt - Colette Sewing Handbook
Meringue skirt – Colette Sewing Handbook

Then I made Meringue skirt to wear with the blouse. This is a simple darted skirt with scalloped hem, waist facings, and invisible zipper on side seam. After tissue-fitting, I needed a swayback adjustment on the back pattern. The hem was shortened a lot, making my skirt has more A-shape than the skirt in the book.

The fabric is brushed cotton twill from Kokka. It is a bit hard to photograph, but the color is actually dark teal with irregular dots. I used purple Indonesian lurik fabric for the hem facing and purple petersham ribbon instead of waist facings.

Meringue skirt Meringue skirt

The instructions from Colette Sewing Handbook are really wonderful! I didn’t find any particular trouble making both projects. There was not a moment when I had to stop and think about what to do next. I’m really pleased with the overall result, they look pretty and I had the chance to learn several things while making them.

Taffy blouse & Meringue skirt Taffy blouse & Meringue skirt Taffy blouse Meringue skirt

Taffy Blouse and Meringue skirt patterns are from Colette Sewing Handbook, both in size 0.

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  • i love the scallop and i love the flutter! i have been longing to have a piece of clothing that has either one of these elements!

  • I’m exploring the internet looking to see what fabrics people picked for the new Colette Patterns (I should be cutting out my Meringue later today, eep!), and I love your versions of the Taffy blouse and the Meringue skirt! Very well done!

  • I bought this book the other day and cannot wait to get stuck in to the patterns! Like you, I might have to make some adjustments to the bust and it will be my first time making clothes, so I’m a bit nervous, but it’s so well-written.
    I love the colour you picked for the Taffy blouse.

  • The skirt is just so adorable. n__n It goes so well with the top, too!

    I’ve just started to venture into sewing my own clothes (been a crafter all my life, but making garments is like @___@), I was wondering if you had the time, would you share any recommendations for books and/or websites that you’ve personally found useful in your own journey? It would be a brilliant favour. ^__^ (Thank you in advance!)

    • verypurpleperson

      Hi Aneesah,
      the first time I learned sewing was from Japanese magazines. I can’t read Japanese and just learned from pictures. I also have lots of Japanese pattern books. They’re usually very easy and suitable for beginners. Japanese patterns are usually quite loose and quick to made, they don’t have many fitting problems.
      But I don’t use them a lot anymore because recently I want to learn more about how to make alterations for better fitting. For this purpose, I have ‘Fit for Real People’ books and several pattern drafting books by Bunka publishing.
      The thing is, usually I just jump into a project and whenever I find a problem, I turn to google search to find the answer or similar problem that other people have encountered.
      I don’t have lots of websites that I can recommend, but one website that I find very useful and I keep coming back to is Burdastyle.com. You can find free/paid PDF pattern in many sewing levels to try. I love to browse other members’ projects for inspirations.
      Hope that helps!

  • Very nice. I really like both of those. I have that book on my Christmas list and the wait it killing be.

  • I love the yellow blouse, they work great together!

  • The patterns in the book seem to be very practical. I might have to invest in it.

  • You look adorable.

  • Houseofpinheiro

    You look so adorable… Great post.

  • JJ

    Wonderful. Of all the beautiful clothing I’ve seen you post about making, this is my favorite. The shirt is very flattering to your body type, I love it. And it’s so feminine. Lovely.

  • The hem facing detail is a very nice addition! This is going on my Colette patterns to do list… But first, to finish the Negroni!

  • très bel ensemble 🙂

  • Martina

    Very, very lovely, you look so nice , the blouse and the skirt are really fantastic!!

  • I love the bright yellow Taffy! It’s simply gorgeous! I’ve always wondered how you are able to whip up projects so quickly and yet they look polished and neat.

  • Very very attractive, beautiful work as usual!!!
    I’ve received my book two days ago, i think realized this blouse this week.

  • Seriously fabulous!!! I especially love the top.
    You did an awesome job… again.