Summer date dress

Halter dress and shrug Halter dress and shrug

Since Sidra entered Junior High School, he becomes very busy with all the school activities. He even has to be at school on weekends for his sports club activity. My husband and I got a bit lost on what to do as the three of us usually did things together on weekends. But we have to get used to this. Eventually Sidra will have to be by himself as he grows up so maybe it is time to start letting him go.

One of the thing that my husband and I are starting to do at weekends is having a date. We would get dressed and go to the city, have lunch at a nice place and do things together. When Sidra was still in elementary school, it was very rare for my husband and I to go out by ourselves. I had forgotten how it felt to go on a date. It was strange at first -and I felt a bit guilty to Sidra- but eventually we enjoy it!

Halter dress and shrug Halter dress and shrug

This is a dress that I made to wear on these dates. Of course I don’t always have to get dressed to go out with my husband, but where’s the fun? After all I always welcome more reasons to wear pretty dresses.

The pattern is Burdastyle Halter Dress with Ruffles 04/2015 #111B, it is already in petite size so I cut size 17. The midriff part was shortened a bit, about 1 cm. I also eliminated the ruffles as I think it is a bit too much. To do this, I just cut the strap frill two times and tapered the ends to have a couple of long straps. I was a bit worried that the floral fabric might look like a curtain, but I think it works quite well with this pattern.

Halter dress and shrug Halter dress and shrug

Obviously I can’t wear a bra with this dress, not even the strapless one because of the cutout under the bust. It doesn’t really matter actually, but I feel a bit exposed wearing the dress in train. Sometimes the train is crowded and you have to stand a bit too close to other people. I’m shorter than most people so they can look down into my dress -deliberately or accidentally. Maybe I think about it too much! But anyway I made a shrug to wear when in train or when it gets a bit chilly.

Halter dress and shrug Halter dress and shrug

The shrug is called Saki’s shrug, you can check more about in Yoshimi’s post about the shrug. It is delightfully simple, basically just several rectangles sewn together. But the result is quite pretty, especially in light knit fabric like this.

Halter dress and shrug Halter dress and shrug

Halter dress and shrug Halter dress and shrug

I love summer with all the pretty dresses, swimsuits, and tanned skin. Unfortunately it is over now, time for some pretty autumn dresses!

Dress pattern is Burdastyle Halter Dress with Ruffles 04/2015 #111B, size 17 (petite size).
Shrug pattern is Saki shrug – as posted by Yoshimi


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  • Miss J

    So lovely, your style is admirable. The fabric choice is great and your frock is lovely on you.

  • This dress is so adorable:)) It looks really well made! Thanks for the inspiration and have a nice day, Sophia

  • Ooh! This is beautiful! I love the shape of the neckline!

  • Li Ann

    Absolutely love your blog Novita, thanks for the inspiration! And terrific dress too!

  • So very pretty – and summer-y!!

  • Chie

    So cute! Love the dress. I know what you mean about the train in Japan. Most of the time it is way too crowded!

  • This dress is on my to do list! It looks lovely and so does the shrug 🙂

  • sdBev

    The dress is lovely. Wear it with pride. Especially like the shrug. I’m planninf an anniversary and this shrug is ‘on my radar’ for the same reasons. I like to dress for DH but don’t enjoy prying eyes (I’m several years older, too.). Seeing your version confirms it as a good choice.

    Sad but true,we’re not good parents if our kids grow up unable to think and act on their own. The letting go can be difficult. The upside is the rediscovery of our life’s partner.

  • Beautiful dress! I love the tiny cut out, looks great on you!

  • Alison

    Beautiful dress, and you are beautiful in it!

  • Bea

    Love the dress, especially the unexpected cut out. Sexy and cute!

  • lisa g

    This is beautiful on you! Your photos are just lovely.

  • Although I don’t have kids, I can relate to the fact that sometimes things in our lives suddenly change and we, being thrown outside our usual routine, find ourselves in need to find a new one. Isn’t it amazing to go on dates! And it’s always nice to wear something pretty.

  • What a gorgeous dress! Perfect for a lunch date. That is actually something my husband and I need to start doing. We hardly get time to ourselves now with the kids. Thanks for the motivation to make some time for us.

  • You look utterly gorgeous! The fabric works perfectly with the dress and the shrug is a great idea. And I have the same shoes in red. They’re so comfy and cool ?

  • Wow, that dress is absolutely beautiful! I love the fabric, it’s so stunning on you 🙂