October is for sew-alongs!

Anise Jacket Sewalong Coat Sew-Along  Kids Clothes Week Challenge Fall 2012 Thurlow Sew-Along

Oooh so many sew-alongs are happening right now and in the near future! Decisions, decisions (although I will probaby end up not following any of these….).

I am torn between making the Anise jacket from Colette or Butterick 5828 coat by Gertie. A jacket will have more time to be worn than a coat, but I will definitely need a coat for this winter. Both these sew-alongs have started since the end of September with fabric preparations.

Next month there will be Kids’ Clothes Week Challenge by Elsie Marley on October 8-14, and Sidra can use some new clothes for cooler weather. He has outgrown all his clothes from last year. And starting on October 29, there will be Thurlow trousers sew-along, arranged by one of my favorite blooger, lladybird. I didn’t sew a lot of pants for myself in the past, and this sew-along will be a great way for learning.

Do you join any of these sew-alongs? Or do you know any other cool sew-along that is happening at the moment? Feel free to post in the comments! ^^

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  • That is awsome with a Triller jacket and i think its going to fit him prefectly!!

  • Melissa Paruzel

    I am joining the Anise Jacket. I actually have the suiting fabric but I made my husband buy me lovely wool which I can only have next week. So now I have to wait and be patient. Sigh…

    The suiting fabric is in mauve. The wool is appearently in red since the little store in netherland only have black, grey, white and red. Did you know it cost him €100 for 4meter of wool… gasp!!!

  • mia

    Oh, I hope I can partake in the Kids sew along~!! I’ve yet to try one yet….So exciting!

  • Sarah

    I have to make some trousers (my first), but they’re for a halloween costume, so the sewalong will be a bit late to help me. Gertie’s coat looks lovely, but as I’m trying to work through my stash right now, and it doesn’t include coating, I think that one is out too. I will happily look read along to gain theory knowledge from other people’s discoveries though!

  • I know! There are so many fun sewalongs right now! I’m doing the Banksia top sewalong, and really hoping to find the time for the Anise jacket, too!

  • That is exactly what I was thinking! I am participating in the Anise and plan to also partake in the Thurlow sewalong!

  • LLBB

    I think I am going to tackle the thurlows, and come back to the anise posts later for reference. Good luck choosing!!

  • Crystal

    I know! Every single sew-along sounds like fun its hard to choose. Megan Nielsen is currently doing a sew-along for her Banksia blouse on her own blog, and the Sew Colette 2.0 sew-along for the Peony starts October 1st.

  • Lizzy

    I’m planning on doing the Anise sewalong but I need to finish Gertie’s Butterick dress first.
    I was tempted by Gertie’s Butterick coat but I think Anise is more practical for my lifestyle and would work in a range of weights. So many things to sew!
    I’ve made the Thurlows. They are great but I’m not a big trousers girls more of a skinny jeans or skirt/dress girl!

  • I’m having a sewalong featuring the Sureau dress from Deer and Doe, but it will be most likely in November (there isn’t a schedule yet).

  • Don’t forget the Peony with the sew colette 2.0 sewalong! Ahhh! So many sewalongs, sew little time!

  • I know, I know! I kind of feel like all my sewing projects have been taken over by sewalongs lately!! I’m also joining the Banksia Sewalong that Megan Neislon is doing at the moment. And have downloaded a cute apron pattern so I can join Karen’s apron-along too! phew :p