Moving Moving
This is the state of my sewing room as of right now. As you can see, it is not very inspiring. But there’s a good reason for all this mess, that is: we’re moving!

Not too far though, maybe about a couple of miles from here. About a month ago, my husband finally got his permanent resident status. We started looking for a house after that, thinking that it might take months before we found something that we like. As it turned out, we fell in love with the first house that the agent took us to see. It is located uphills near the lake and park. That lake and park were the main reason my husband chose this area to live, so he’s very happy that finally he found a house so near to them.

After that, everything went unbelievably fast I still can’t believe it. We’re moving there in a week! This is one of the big turning point in my life. I’m so excited and terrified at the same time. All my life I’ve always been moving around, never to stay in one place more than several years. Is it true that this time I will stay for a long time? I was so stressed out thinking about it that I spent Golden Week holidays sick with cold and various allergy attacks (-_-“)

But life goes on! This is going to be a very exciting journey. I have my loved ones beside me, so it is our journey together. I guess I was so alone in my life before this, that the word ‘together’ (for a long time) hasn’t really sunk in my mind. A journey together, it sounds so sweet.

Moving Moving

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