Mission Maxi dress

Grey Mission Maxi
Grey Mission Maxi

The heat is still on and I don’t know how everyone else do some sewing these days. The other day, I was browsing my pattern stash longingly when this pattern caught my attention. It was Mission Maxi sewing pattern by Jamie Christina that I got as part of my Spring Top prize last year. The pattern is quite simple, a maxi-length jersey dress with only 2 pattern pieces for view A and B. I figured this would be the perfect dress to make in this weather.

I’ve seen this pattern made around the sewing blogs before -check out these pretty ones by Erica, Tigerlily, Ginger, and tie-dyed one by Natty Jane-, but wasn’t sure that I would be comfortable wearing such a clinging dress that shows every bumps. So this one is some kind of a muslin. The fabric is grey jersey from my stash.

Mission Maxi dress by Jamie Christina
Mission Maxi dress by Jamie Christina

From the pattern envelope: ‘A soft free flowing maxi dress sewing pattern with plenty of options to choose from: halter top, godet back, and a tank top.’  I made view A, the tank top maxi.

I cut size 2 on bust, tapering to size 4 on waist and hip. It was a quick sewing as expected, but my first result was disastrous! Not the pattern’s fault of course. First of all, I cut the the hem too short, and then I attached the binding incorrectly that resulted in gaping neckline and armholes.

Luckily I still have enough fabric left for a second try. The straps of the first dress were a bit too long for me so I shortened them about 1.5 cm, a bit too much maybe. For the bindings, I cut 3 cm-wide strips of fabric, folded them lengthwise and attached them using overlocker, pulling them a bit while sewing. No more gaping neckline and armholes!

Grey Mission Maxi Grey Mission Maxi

The hem is left raw as it wouldn’t ravel. This was not a design decision, but rather the limitation of fabric that I had. You can see that the present length is still a bit too short for a maxi dress.

Well, I don’t know why I didn’t make this pattern sooner at the beginning of summer! Yes it is clinging on the body, but all on the right places. I tried it on yesterday after I finished sewing it and hasn’t taken it off until now. It is very comfortable. I should make a proper one before summer ends!

Grey Mission Maxi Grey Mission Maxi

Pattern is Mission Maxi by Jamie Christina, size 2 on bust and 4 on waist and hip.

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  • Mel

    This looks great! I just got a great deal on some jersey fabric, and I may have to grab this pattern!

  • Very fun everyday dress! I love your haircut BTW!

  • Clover

    I have made three of these and I agree that the straps are too long. I love how you did the binding. I will have to try that way next time. And yes it should be a bit longer. I cut my first one a bit too short. Now I cut them long because the jersey always curls up anyway when you walk.

  • It looks the right length to me. Any longer and you’d be tripping on it or driving over the hem with your chair. It looks great!

  • What a beautiful dress! Looks great on you!

  • Gosh, you look cute! This is such a nice shape on you (but it’s not too surprising since everything you make looks so great on you!)! Thanks for the shout-out!

  • Barbara

    I would love that in a knee length to wear as a comfy nightgown! If it weren’t nipped in at the waist, I’d love to have it for a little something to wear over my swim suit; an A-line that would be easy to put on and take off. That would be an easy alteration, though. Yours is very nice in the longer length, though!

  • Cute , flattering and practical!

  • Thanks for the mention! Looks lovely on you. It is such a super comfy dress and you are right…it clings in all the right places. I found the pattern accommodates a woman’s shape pretty well and didn’t need to taper out at the hips, it almost looks like you could have got away with a 2 all over?

  • Ai

    never seen you wearing a long dress but this one looks fab on you.