One shoulder dress

So I’ve said that I won’t make any floral for sometime, but it turned out that I still have 1.35 m of this floral fabric in my stash, so I made a one shoulder dress for myself.

One shoulder dress One shoulder dress

One shoulder dress

Initially it was cut for a ruffled collar dress, but then I got kinda bored of making it again.  I just made diagonal lines and cut one shoulder off. The ruffles is a wide strip of fabric, then an elastic is inserted inside the top line. I also use selvedges of fabric as hem and edge of the ruffles, no need to finish them!

The dress has already been worn last weekend when we went to Indonesian festival in Yoyogi. We came for the food, but the lines were so long and it was such a hot day, so we didn’t really enjoy being there. Sidra seemed a bit confused, ‘Why are there so many people speaking Indonesian?’

There was a choir singing ‘Rayuan Pulau Kelapa’, an old post-independence song. Usually the younger generation doesn’t really care for it, it was only sung at school events and of course in Indonesian events in other countries. Having to left Indonesia in a young age, Sidra is not familiar with the song,  but he seemed really drawn to it. He went closer to watch the choir and his face showed a mixture of amazement and confusion. Very interesting.

Eventually we got our Indonesian food, it was good but the day was just too hot and there were too many people. My husband and I don’t really enjoy people, so we only spent a little time there and moved on to the spacious park on the other side to take a walk and have some shaved ice. That’s more like it!

crowd lunch

Having a chat yoyogi Shaved ice shaved ice

One fine day

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  • I love this dress and the fabric you chose! I really want to make one for myself, but I just can’t seem to find a floral fabric that I like :/

  • Amazing dress!!!! you look stunning in it! What pattern did you use? Or did you make it up yourself? xx

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you! I made my own pattern 🙂

  • Hwaduh, sayang sekali daku tidak melihatmu di sana, Mbak Novrita 🙁 Padahal kita berada di waktu yg sama (lagipula daku 2 hari di sana :D)

    Sebetulnya pengen ke Yokohama waktu itu, hihihi… apa daya gak sempet 😀

  • I love the last photo, its Sidra getting squashed in the middle. Thats how cute family photos are meant to be. Awkward and not organised. 🙂

  • What a wonderful experience for him. I love the one shoulder dress. Cute.

  • I can never get enough of florals in the summer!

    …and you look lovely, so why not? 😉

  • Cute dress! Wanted to say my favorite was the picture of your family with your little guy wearing the sunglasses. Just priceless!

  • Sky

    It’s Lovely!

  • This is so gorgeous- I love one-shoulder looks! All your work with florals really makes me happy. :)I read back into your archives and I love how you always use prints because I do the same!
    I was wondering if you’d like to exchange links?

  • What a cute dress, as always! Ah, crowds, I’m not a bit fan of them either. Funny, I see a lot of blogging people say that, which makes me wonder what that says about bloggers in general 😉

    • verypurpleperson

      Maybe that’s a trait that makes people turn to blog in the first place. I can’t go to a social event and started telling strangers that I’ve just made a dress etc, but I have to go all the steps of small talk and it’s kinda exhausting. While with a blog, you can share lots of things without having to go all those steps 🙂

  • “My husband and I don’t really enjoy people”…hhahahaha! that made me laugh a lot because i feel the same way Novita! Esp. when it’s hot, that’s even worse. Guess what? I received my button necklace earlier this week and I’m wearing it right now! I love it, thank you so much!

    • verypurpleperson

      Yes, a bunch of sweaty people in summer day is not nice!
      I’m so happy to hear about the necklace ^.^

  • woa…what a unique dress!! very pretty.

    and there was an indonesian festival in yoyogi last weekend?!?! i didn’t know! man….i missed the food!! 🙁

  • Hai Novita!
    I know how Sidra feels about the ‘secret language’- i grew up in Bandung, then when we returned to Germany I loved having a language absolutely nobody else understood 😉

    Now I have returned to Bandung and started my label studio anglindo which also raises awareness of the impact of the fashion industry (with the knowledge being non-existant and with so many garment/textile factories/sweatshops just at my doorstep in bandung!).

    Love the dress too of course… 🙂
    x Anja Anglindo

    • verypurpleperson

      Good luck with the new label! I love your philosophy in the about page! ^o^

  • Food is a good reason to attend these kind of events, although I agree with you, they can be really noisy :S
    That floral fabric looks really thin, I wish I could find some to make a fan with it! 😀

  • great pics, and especially love the last pic!
    it’s so important to keep your own culture down on to the next generation (especially if you’re living in a foreign country), isn’t it? I find it hard though, and it nice having lots of support(festivals, groups, etc)! good thing Sidra was so intrigued 🙂

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you! 🙂
      I have to admit that we don’t like to participate in those kinds of events (or any kind of social events) a lot. I find them too noisy and crowded, and some people tend to be nosey if they think you’re one of them hahaha. The food was good though and that’s the reason we came 😛
      I think Sidra was intrigued because he rarely hears people talking in his native language, it’s like finding out other people can talk (and even sing!) in your ‘secret’ language. The expression on his face was priceless though! 😀

      • I know what you mean by crowd of people and events/festivals… I’m not into that either. it makes me feel almost nauseous and panicky. and I also find it kind of weired to gather just because you’re from the same country/culture, and that usually makes me feel a bit awkward… maybe I’m the weirdo!

  • gorgeous piece! love it~~~