One shoulder dress

So I’ve said that I won’t make any floral for sometime, but it turned out that I still have 1.35 m of this floral fabric in my stash, so I made a one shoulder dress for myself.

One shoulder dress One shoulder dress

One shoulder dress

Initially it was cut for a ruffled collar dress, but then I got kinda bored of making it again.  I just made diagonal lines and cut one shoulder off. The ruffles is a wide strip of fabric, then an elastic is inserted inside the top line. I also use selvedges of fabric as hem and edge of the ruffles, no need to finish them!

The dress has already been worn last weekend when we went to Indonesian festival in Yoyogi. We came for the food, but the lines were so long and it was such a hot day, so we didn’t really enjoy being there. Sidra seemed a bit confused, ‘Why are there so many people speaking Indonesian?’

There was a choir singing ‘Rayuan Pulau Kelapa’, an old post-independence song. Usually the younger generation doesn’t really care for it, it was only sung at school events and of course in Indonesian events in other countries. Having to left Indonesia in a young age, Sidra is not familiar with the song,  but he seemed really drawn to it. He went closer to watch the choir and his face showed a mixture of amazement and confusion. Very interesting.

Eventually we got our Indonesian food, it was good but the day was just too hot and there were too many people. My husband and I don’t really enjoy people, so we only spent a little time there and moved on to the spacious park on the other side to take a walk and have some shaved ice. That’s more like it!

crowd lunch

Having a chat yoyogi Shaved ice shaved ice

One fine day

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