Red lace set

Red lace set

A little sewing project that I did yesterday, my instant gratification! Of course it was a new set of bra and two panties. This time I didn’t used my usual Pin-Up Girls pattern, but Merckwaerdigh PBH30. The pattern is for push-up underwired bra, bustier, bodysuit, and thong bodysuit. I’ve used the pattern before to make this blue bodysuit.

Merckwaerdigh PBH30

I made a little alteration to the bridge between the bra cups. They were a bit too wide on me so I simply shaved both sides a little bit to narrow it.

The fabric was 4 m of red stretch lace from Merckwaerdigh ebay store and I wanted to use it for the whole set without using lycra fabric at all. When I was looking for a panties pattern that can fulfill this restrictions, I found this Lace Tanga Panties pattern at Burdastyle. It is a PDF pattern, and it’s free!

The lace was only 13.5 cm wide (5.3 inches), I just made the top lower than what the pattern specified. This panties style was actually not my usual style, and I was a bit worried that they were not comfortable. I made only one at first and tried them on, and they were surprisingly quite comfy! Just a little bit too big but it was easy to fix by stitching deeper on the center front and center back seams.

I must say that this set is quite pretty!

Red lace set Red lace set

Red lace set Red lace set

Red lace set

Red lace set

Red lace set

Red lace set Red lace set

Bra pattern is Merckwaerdigh PBH30 (bra, bustier, bodysuit, thing bodysuit), size 30C.
Panties pattern is Lace Tanga Panties, free PDF pattern downloaded from Burdastyle, size XS.
Fabrics and notions set is from Merckwaerdigh at ebay.

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  • I’ve always loved hand made lingerie but now I need bigger sizes and I checked the Merckwaerdigh pattern but it wouldn’t fit. You’ve inspired me to keep looking.

  • This is absolutely so so pretty! You have inspired me to make my own lingerie now too, thank you for your never ending creativity!

  • Julie

    These are gorgeous… the attention to detail and finishing is so good! Can I ask, how did you do the stitching in the contrasting colour around the bra hook?

  • amazing! i like the idea of making two panties. i always feel like i need more panties for one bra. great job novita!

  • Wow! That is beautiful. My grandmother who used to design and sew brilliantly, always told me that lingerie and bathing suits were the most difficult things to make. This set is just so pretty, sassy & classy. Amazing color too!

  • Wendy

    Lovely set! Gorgeous colour!!

  • Amy

    This is one of the prettiest sets I’ve ever seen! That lace looks so soft and comfy too, and what an incredibly rich red.

  • It ‘s really charming!!!! I would like to try a set of this kind
    but the bra frightens me.
    Good continuation, you have a lot of talent 😉

  • Marilyn

    ” A little sewing?” WoW!! I wish I could just whip up a beautiful lingerie set like that in 1/day! That is so gorgeous!!!!

  • I love all of your lingerie sets and this one is no exception! Love the color and love the shape. All of your lingerie making has inspired me to make my own. I purchased pin up girls bra pattern 1230 and am just waiting for it to come in the mail.

  • I admire anyone who can make lingerie! It’s one of those skills at some point I will have to try. however your red set look soooooo beautiful.

  • Helen

    Another beautiful set! Your previous lingerie sets inspired me so much that I bought the Merckwaerdigh Mix 30 pattern and a kit to have a go. You construct yours so beautifully that I wonder if you can help me with a problem I have sewing the picot elastic onto the stretch lace. I read that for the bottom band you should cut the elastic 15 to 20% shorter than the lace pattern piece but when I sew these two together the lace band ends up looking really puckered. From your photos yours still look nice and flat-ish so how do you sew these pieces together?
    I really want to finish mine but think I have some unpicking to do first 🙁

    • verypurpleperson

      First I sewed the plush elastic on the right side of the fabric using zigzag stitch (2.5 mm width, 2 mm length), then I turned it under and sewed it again using 3 step zigzag stitch (4-5 mm width, 1-2 mm length). The 3 step zigzag stitch really makes them flat, I love it! You should only stretch the elastics when sewing it, and try not to stretch the fabric 🙂

      • Helen

        Hmm, maybe I stretched the fabric too much as well as the elastic. Thanks for the tips on how wide and long you make the zigzags!

  • It’s very cute! I am impressed how neat and professional your underwear looks )) Although I would prefer bra with cups. Are aware of any pattern that has instructions on cups integration?

    • verypurpleperson

      You can try Amanda pattern from Pin-up Girls. Here’s the link to the pattern and here’s for the review.
      I’ve never tried making it though 🙂

  • Oh such a beautiful set! I always love what you make. My bras are getting a bit old, and I’ve also lost a bit of weight…I should really make a few new ones. Any excuse!!! What did you line the cups with, and how do you find the bra for support? I have not tried a Merckwerdigh pattern yet…I’m tempted now. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • verypurpleperson

      I use non-stretch tulle for the lining from Merckwaerdigh, it’s very soft but not stretchy; here’s the link. I think you can also use powernet?
      For this pattern, the support is fine for my size, but I’m not really sure about bigger sizes. It is a push-up bra so bigger sizes might ‘spill’ out of the cup. But there are other Merckwaerdigh bra pattern that is suitable for bigger sizes too. I love my Pin-Up Girls pattern but the style is quite basic, Merckwaerdigh has more style options. You should try them! Can’t wait to see yours! 🙂

  • LLBB

    Wow, what beautiful pieces!!!

  • Gorgeous. I really want to start making my own lingerie. You are very inspiring!

  • Bri

    Your red lace bra and undies are very pretty! I’ve never made a bra, but whenever I see the beauties you’ve created it makes me think I really should give it a try!

  • This is ridiculously impressive. I can’t believe you made those. Gorgeous!

  • Very, very nice! I picked up a Merckwaerdigh kit (from her ebay shop) and an elingeria set+ pinup girls pattern (from their site) last week. Finally swayed into the lingerie making pool thanks to you XD. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • verypurpleperson

      You will be addicted to making lingerie! 😀