Nature walk knit pants

Nature walk knit pants
Nature walk knit pants

This is my first oliver + s pattern that I’ve been wanting to try for sometime. This pair of pants is a part of Nature Walk pullover + knit pants, I only made the knit pants.

The pattern is in size 5-12 years, very well presented with easy and clear instructions.  The placement of the elastic inside the waist yoke is very clever! It allows for a hip yoke appearance but the elastic keeps the pants in place.

The pants have no side seams, so it was finished very quickly. I sewed it using zigzag stitches on my Janome sewing machine with width set on 1 and length on 3. It’s a good pattern for beginner and if you have a serger, I think it will finish even more quickly! I should have made it a bit longer though. The pants will be calf length in a few months.

Red and green
Red and green

Actually the pants was made a couple of weeks ago for Sidra to wear in a Christmas party. We had to wear Christmas-themed outfit, so I paired the green pants with red T-shirt and his linen jacket.

I didn’t make the green dress, though. It was an old dress that I bought in Indonesia 4 years ago. I shortened it a bit since it was too long.

Sidra has worn the pants several times, including in our trip to Kusatsu, and it was really comfortable. Elastic waist pants and kids are really a good match. I think I will make these pants more!

Nature walk knit pants Nature walk knit pants

Knit pants pattern is Nature Walk by oliver + s.

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  • These look so comfy! What is the fabric? It looks thicker than jersey..

    • verypurpleperson

      I use double-knit fabric for the pants, it is thicker and more stable than jersey so it’s good for pants 🙂