I want to open this post today by telling you that I won another prize from Burdastyle! Isn’t that incredible? It’s the ‘Clean House with Krrb Corner Contest’ and I won first prize, winning a SINGER® Fashion Mate 7256 plus $200 USD. Unfortunately sending a package as big as a sewing machine all the way to Japan is a bit difficult, so Krrb has offered to send it in cash instead, which is absolutely acceptable (of course!). I feel so lucky!

With Carolyn and Yoshimi
Fabric shopping day!

Now for the findings part as indicated in the title. About a couple of weeks ago I went to Nippori for a fabric shopping day with Yoshimi and Carolyn. I’ve met Yoshimi several times before, but it was my first time meeting Carolyn, who was in Japan for holiday with her family. She brought her daughter who also loves sewing with us and the four of us had a wonderful day shopping. We also met Miho of Tamanegi-Kobo afterwards, who brought us to Cha-Ginza, a tea house where we can enjoy a modern version of tea ceremony. Fun day! You can read more about Carolyn’s experience in her post.

Actually I was hoping to find some fabric for the Male Pattern Boldness’ sew-along, but instead I bought this pretty printed cotton for my own dress. I’m planning to use vintage 1967 McCall’s 8746 pattern for this dress, bought here. You can see that my fabric is even a bit similar (with more dashes of colors) to one of the dress in the illustration. It will be my spring/summer dress!

1967 McCall
1967 McCall's 8749 and printed cotton

Although happy with my finding, I still need fabric for my husband’s shirt as the sew-along will be started next Tuesday. So last Sunday, I went to Kichijoji to go to Yuzawaya and Cottonfield, these are two fabric stores that I often visit there. I went there by myself, my husband had some office work to do at home and Sidra wanted to play with my husband. We usually go together everywhere at weekends, so it felt a bit weird going there by myself. But sometimes things are not always going the way we want it.

1967 McCall's 8749 and printed cotton

Eventually I enjoyed my trip and found the fabric for my husband’s shirt. This is Japanese cotton, the base is black with white threads showing, and it is machine-embroidered with deep indigo and rust. My husband loves fabric with interesting texture, so it will be perfect for him.

The pattern is Negroni from Colette pattern, and I’m making the short-sleeved version. This is such a wonderful pattern, wonderfully packaged. The instructions are in booklet form, which I find more friendly than the usual newspaper size folded instructions. You need to put the instructions near the sewing machine for easy reach and don’t have to spread the instruction paper on the floor!

1967 Vogue 6911 and purple cotton lawn
1967 Vogue 6911 and purple cotton lawn

I also bought this Liberty cotton lawn in plain purple for a blouse, using 1967 Vogue 6911 (bought here).

One of my sort-of-resolution this year is that I want to learn not to rush in my projects. I got impatient when a project takes more than one day to finish, so I tend to rush. I realize that this makes me don’t pay too much attention in details and better fitting. There is absolutely no need for me to finish two dresses in one day!

Now I want to take more time, planning each project more carefully and enjoying the process more. I want to make more sleeved outfits, using zippers, and spend more time in preparing patterns. Joining the men’s shirt sew-along will be a way of accomplishing this. I’m excited to try new things!

And some more findings on the websphere!

  • Tips on deciding the right size to go from your pattern at Tilly and The Buttons.
  • Spring palette challenge, a 10 week challenge for creating a mini seasonal wardrobe based around your favorite color palette for spring at Colette patterns.
  • 10 fashion colors chosen by New York designers for spring 2011 at Pantone. I like honeysuckle and beeswax, but all are pretty colors!

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