Recycled check T-shirt

2006 2010

Recycled check T-shirt
Recycled check T-shirt

Still no dino plushies. It was raining the whole day yesterday so I stayed at home and made something else for Sidra.

The T-shirt is recycled from my old T-shirt dress, bought in 2006 in Indonesia. My hair was pretty short at the time! The picture was taken in my office’s studio, hence the black background (the advantage of working in a fashion magazine).

Actually the dress was still in decent condition, but I’ve never worn it anymore. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty when I don’t wear something that I didn’t make myself. Is that strange?

The material is stretchy but a bit thick, and it would make a good T-shirt for cooler weather. I used the same pattern as the striped T-shirt.

T-shirt pattern is from simple+one

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