White soft bra set

White soft bra set

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to meet Ying from Tailor Made Blog, who was in vacation in Japan. If you love making lingerie, you might have known or even bought from her lingerie supplies shop. Of course she has very kindly gifted me several lingerie supplies, including this pretty white stretch lace! Thank you Ying!
White soft bra set

Making soft braThe bra pattern is Merckwaerdigh BHS10 , this pattern is such a steal because you get 5 bra patterns in one package. This time I use the soft laced bra pattern in size 30E. The pattern actually doesn’t have size 30E, so I use size 32D and shortened the back band.

The whole cups are stabilized with transparent white tricot. I put clear elastic on the lace edges of the neckline and the power bar. The underarm is finished with foldover elastic. The straps are not adjustable, I put the bra on and mark the length before stitching them down on the back band.
White soft bra set White soft bra set


White soft bra set

The panties are based on my favorite panties pattern, Merckwaerdigh low rider. I added center front seam and center back seam so the lace edges can be used around the leg. The panties are lined with soft power net. I had thought about how to finish the edges of the power net, but then I decided to simply leave it hang loose.
White soft bra set White soft bra set
front back

I’m quite happy with the result! When I decided on the pattern, I thought that the bra would be for home wear only. My first version of this pattern was very comfortable but doesn’t have enough support because I didn’t line the stretch lace. With fully lined cups, this white bra turned out to have enough support with nice shaping. One thing that I would change is the placement of the back straps, they are too far from each other at the moment. Because it doesn’t have foam nor underwire, this bra is very light while still comfortable. I’m planning my second one at the moment!
White soft bra set White soft bra set


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  • Meri Coury

    I love that there is more support under the arms, where it is needed. But, the sizes are too small for me. Where can I get big-girl patterns? I’m a 42D bra size and I wear size 10-11 panties.

    • I think Merckwaerdigh has some bigger sizes pattern in their shop.

  • Amy

    this is lovely, Novita! I love simple white lace sets and have been wearing one I made a lot this year.

  • http://prettyflorals.co.uk

    Really beautiful and delicate. Love!


  • Lovely set!! And the lace is gorgeous! The panty shape really showcases it! I’ve never tried Merckwaerdigh patterns, but they seem so pretty and versatile 🙂

  • Ana Filimon

    Novita, really-really pretty set! I think I might try similar panties. I adore the shape 🙂