Couch cover

Couch, before
Couch, before

Not a very interesting project, but something that needs to be done. The couch is actually a sofa bed bought from IKEA, I love the simple shape and the neutral navy colour. But after two years of having a little boy jumping on it every single day, it finally showed some signs of deterioration.

There is actually a huge tear on the back side of the seater, and it became bigger with every jump on it. I know I should do something about it sooner, but making a couch cover is sooo not appealing! I kept postponing the project for several months, and the couch was there, looking really bad in the living room. Today I finally decided to make the cover and it was finished in less than 30 minutes! Procrastination is indeed a bad habit.

Couch, after

Elastic underneath

I was going to make a real cover with zipper and all, but then I was too lazy to do it. So I only made a simple cover with mitered corner and then stitched an elastic underneath. Easy peasy! I also made a matching pillow cover with the same fabric. The fabric is Indian cotton dhurrie in blue stripes, the texture is so nice.

Now I hope the new cover can withstand the heavy wear and tear that lay ahead!

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