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Lunch set etc

Lunch set etc
Sidra will start having lunch at school next week, so I finished his lunch set yesterday and made some other things as well.

The hand towels are actually one piece of long towel that was bought in 100 yen store. I cut it in two and finished the raw edges, then I sewed a rectangle of fabric and linen ribbon on the corner.

The lunch set is consisted of a lunch bag, pouch for cup, and lunch mat. I ran out of linen ribbon for the string, so I tea-dyed some white cotton ribbon to achieve similar result.

The school requires the students to bring tissue and handkerchief everyday, so I made a tissue pouch and 4 handkerchiefs from leftover fabrics. I also made a face mask for Sidra to wear when he has a cold or cough.
Lunch set etc

All his stuffs are labelled with iron-on fabric labels. Initially I tried using pre-cut iron-on labels, but it was so difficult finding the right position for the printer. So I just printed the labels to an A4 size iron-on fabric and cut them individually. I think this is more practical, since I can make the labels in the size I need.

Everything is finished now! Yay!

6 Responses to Lunch set etc

  1. Mari says:

    you are so loving and caring mom!

  2. YUZIE AMIR says:

    what a lucky sidra to have a mom like u.!
    rajin banget!

  3. mateja says:

    Beautiful set! I love that dino fabric.

  4. Novita Estiti says:

    Thank you, Sarah ^.^

    dream-kiddo, I assume that you want to know about the fabric? The fabrics are Japanese fabric I bought in Cottonfield and Yuzawaya (fabric stores in Kichijoji, Tokyo)

  5. dream-kido says:

    i love of this stuff. i love the fabric. who make it?

  6. stefanisarah says:

    kawaiidesyonee. mama wa sugoi.

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