Boy’s trousers

BoyToday is totally spring! I can turn off the heater and even leave the window open! It’s a perfect time for sewing, and I really miss working in the sewing room with window open. Sitting behind my sewing machine, with a cup of macha latte on the side, and sometimes looking at the green hills that lie afar is absolutely my idea of having a good time.

There’s some leftover wool fabric from Sidra’s winter cape, so I use it to make this pants for Sidra. The pattern is the same as the pants from Sidra’s sailor suit. The pants has two big back-pockets and two front hidden pockets on the side seams. I put a black button on the front so Sidra can easily differentiate the front and the back. He always puts on his clothes backwards!

I really like the result, the texture of the wool and the wide leg shape kinda add a retro look to the pants. I think Sidra looks like a blast from the past in the B&W picture (except for the sports shoes of course).


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