Month: March 2009

Dinosaur bag tags

Tomorrow is Sidra’s birthday and also his first birthday in Japan. The end of March to the beginning of April is school holiday in Japan, so he will always be celebrating his birthday at home. Fortunately, the moms from his kindergarten class are arranging a picnic tomorrow, I think it’s great because Sidra can spend his birthday with his friends. I’ve been planning to make something for Sidra’s friends, but as usual I got lazy and keep postponing until the last day. This morning I woke up thinking that I should just buy some cookies and candies for the kids. […]

Little black dress

This black stretchy lace fabric had been in my stash for a while, and I didn’t really know what to do with it. Yesterday I suddenly got an idea and proceeded to make it. This dress is actually very simple. I traced the top part from a T-shirt, and that’s the only part of the dress that used some kind of patterns. The cape/sleeves is just a long rectangle, about as long as the cut I had (about 2 meters), then I gathered one long side and sew it to the neckline of the dress. The other long side is […]

Lesson bag and PET bottle case

I made this lesson bag and PET bottle case for Sidra to take to his class excursion. Actually I should’ve made them earlier when he started his school year. He won’t be using them in shogakko (elementary school) next month because I’ve prepared other fabrics to make various bags for his school needs. So I count these as a practice to make the next bags. The fabrics are leftovers from previous projects. The denim has been used for this pants , this dress and this apron set , and the striped fabric has been used for this bag and this apron […]

Flower dress

I was looking through my stash when I found this colorful batik fabric. It was bought about 3 years ago for several occasion where I had to wear Indonesian outfit in a 1 month exchange program in Netherlands. I never had the opportunity to wear it again after that, but I really like it so I brought it when I moved to Japan a year ago. The fabric has big and colorful pattern, so I decided to make a simple dress out of it. I didn’t use any pattern and just cut the fabric into 4 rectangles, sewed into a […]