Flower dress

Flower dress

I was looking through my stash when I found this colorful batik fabric. It was bought about 3 years ago for several occasion where I had to wear Indonesian outfit in a 1 month exchange program in Netherlands. I never had the opportunity to wear it again after that, but I really like it so I brought it when I moved to Japan a year ago.

The fabric has big and colorful pattern, so I decided to make a simple dress out of it. I didn’t use any pattern and just cut the fabric into 4 rectangles, sewed into a pair of tubes. One tube is thinner than the other, and this is for the upper part. I left several centimetres on both sides unstitched, making holes for head and body. I cut the neckline to make it a bit deeper. Then I sew the body hole to the top part of the other tube and it was practically finished! I finished the neckline with ready-made double-gauze binding strip, very practical when I’m too lazy to make my own binding strip. There is no need to hem the sleeves and the dress because I use fabric selvedges on them (as usual).

Making the belt was a bit longer than the whole dress because I quilted it to make it sturdier. Then I made 4 fabric covered button using remnants of fabric, and attached them to the belt. The buttons look like colorful candies!

Definitely a dress for springtime!

PS: no sun today, hence the grainy pictures

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