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Christmas trees

Actually we don’t celebrate Christmas, but with all the Christmas things going around, it’s only natural that Sidra had been asking for a ‘Kurisumasu’ tree. This has been going on for a few days, and I kept saying that we can’t buy one because there’s not enough space for it. Today, Sidra was kinda bored because he had to stay at home. He’s got cough for these couple of days. So he was very excited when I said that we should make the Christmas trees by ourselves. We used things around the house, cardboard boxes, tissue paper, colorful origami paper, […]

Red Bobble Hat

I’m hooked on crocheting! I found these skeins of yarn in a secondhand shop for ¥200 for two of them. The label says that it was wool made in Marabá, Brazil. This hat used up about 1.5 skeins of the yarn. The finished hat is not as slouchy as I want it to be, but I guess it still looks cute. I really like those little puffs. Pattern is Bobble Beauty by Dot Matthews, found from Ravelry .

Sesame Surprise!

Last July, Sidra was invited to be a model for a fashion spread in Sesame magazine (a Japanese kid’s fashion and lifestyle magazine), autumn issue. The photoshoot took place in Tottori sand dunes and museum, Tottori prefecture, Japan. When the issue was published, of course they sent one copy to us, and I thought that was it. So I was very surprised when one day the postman brought an envelope for us, containing the latest issue of Sesame magazine, the winter edition. I really like this magazine, but it’s rather hard to find them in bookstores around the neighbourhood. It’s […]

Dress with hood

I really like this red dress I made sometime ago and wear it almost everyday. So when I found yet another wall-hanging fabric, I decided to make a variation based on the pattern. The bodice area is lengthened and a hood added. The hood pattern was traced from my husband’s hooded cardigan, with the neckline adjusted to the neckline of the dress. I also made a pleated area on the front, but instead of stitches, it is held by two buttons; creating an illusion of front opening. The sleeves are on fabric selvedge so I didn’t have to stitch the […]