Aomori twist top and Kyoto tee

Papercut Aomori twist top Papercut Aomori twist top

Papercut patterns has recently launched their new collection, titled ‘Sakura’. OMG have you seen it?? I fall in love with the whole collection and had to restrain myself from buying everything. So far I have gotten these two top patterns, Aomori twist top and Kyoto tee.

The Aomori twist top has very interesting shaped pattern pieces that created the twist front. It has two options of sleeve lengths and can be made from knit or woven. My version was made with striped knit and supposed to be a muslin, but I love the result so much!

Papercut Aomori twist top Papercut Aomori twist top

Despite the complicated appearance, the sewing sequence is actually very simple. As usual the instructions are very clear. I recommend to read the instructions first before started sewing and you will see that it’s almost as simple as sewing an ordinary T-shirt.

Papercut Kyoto tee Papercut Kyoto tee

The Kyoto tee is actually an ordinary drop shoulders sweater/tee, but the ruffle around the sleeves makes it special! Like the Aomori twst top, it also comes with the options of  two sleeve lengths. Since it is summer, I made the short sleeves version with an interesting black knit. The fabric has some sort of sheen on it and it really shows off the ruffle details well.

Papercut Kyoto tee Papercut Kyoto tee

I made both tops in size XXS without any important alterations. One thing that I did was shortening the neck band for the Kyoto tee as it was a bit too long. I love that these patterns are very simple and quick to sew but the details make them look more complicated than they really are. I started sewing one top and ended up several hours later with these two! For autumn, I will surely make the long sleeves option for both patterns.

Pattern is Aomori twist top and Kyoto tee by Papercut patterns (PDF), size XXS.

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