Soma swimsuit

Soma swimsuit Soma swimsuit

I made a swimsuit! The pattern is Soma swimsuit by Papercut Patterns. I made size XXS, with the only alteration was shortening the bottom part about 1 cm. Instead of elastic strap, I just use the foldover elastic for all the binding and straps. The fabris was lined with skin-colored swimsuit lining.

Soma swimsuit Soma swimsuit

It was an easy sewing and I love how little fabric are needed for this swimsuit. I still have enough leftover for another swimsuit, but I guess one is enough for this year.

Let's go to the pool ??I see that some people inserted swimsuit bra cups when making this swimsuit, but I didn’t do this. I don’t really have problems with nipples but then I saw everyone around me has cups under their swimsuit. Maybe next time I’ll put the cups. Or maybe I just have to stop looking around 😛

Actually I made the swimsuit to go to the beach this summer holiday, but then things happened and we had to cancel the plan. Bummer! So we went to a nearby swimming pool on the last day of summer holiday. It is far from the beach but the most important thing is that we were having fun together!

Soma swimsuit

Here I am wearing the suit pretending to be in a real beach. There are several pools in one place, this one is a fake beach complete with waves. One of the funny thing about Japanese swimming pool is that there is a mandatory rest every one or two hours. The lifeguard will announce that it is time to get off the pool. People will usually start to walk around buying drink and food. During this rest, the visitors are not allowed on the water. After about 10-15 minutes, depending on the pool, there is an announcement that the pool is opened again and everyone run back to the water. Only in Japan!

Pattern is Soma swimsuit by Papercut Patterns, size XXS.

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  • bonnie

    You look great! if you try some lingerie will be elegant too. is a lingerie online shop can get free samples

  • I love this! It’s gorgeous!

  • mokosha

    super cute suit, and looks great on you..

  • Rachael

    I love how your swimsuit turned out! It’s beautiful!!!

  • I’ve never heard of pool breaks!
    You and your swimsuit look GREAT!

    • Me neither (at least I moved to Japan)! I guess it can make sure that everyone is safe, although a bit uncomfortable.
      Thank you!

  • Texan

    Great swim suit. I don’t like those cups in swimsuits for myself LOL.. but as you say I guess it depends on if you need them or not.. I don’t need them either.. I would have left them out as well.. Its a super cute suit and fits you great! Good Job!

  • Renee Ryberg

    Growing up in the US, we also had the pool break every hour or so. None of the kids wanted to get out of the pool. How did the fold over elastic work out for you? I made the two-piece version of Soma and used fold over elastic for everything, but it seems to get really stretched out while I’m wearing it.

    • I was a bit worried that the suit would sort of disintegrate in the water, but the FOE held together really well! I made sure to find FOE in good quality, this one is a bit thicker than the ones usually used for lingerie 🙂

  • Gorgeous. I cut the cups out of my bathing suits that I buy; I prefer to, as you say, “not look around”. The color is superb-the style looks great on you.

    • I’ve never found swimsuit (or even bras) without cups here in Japan. I dont really like them because sometimes they kinda make strange shapes when wet 😛 Thank you!

  • I love this suit, especially the bold solid color. I don’t think cups are necessary at all, but I used to be on swim teams and cups would have just slowed me down. What a cool-looking pool!

  • lisa g

    I love this suit on you!! The fabric combo is just perfect.

  • Leslie Smith

    Your swimsuit turned out lovely. I have a hard time finishing them,. Next time i’m going to try fold over elastic. All the pools I have been to have the mandatory swimming break.

    • My FOE is a bit thicker than the ones usually used for lingerie. They held really well in the water 🙂

  • I never really gave this patten much thought until I seen your version. Love it! I really needed a new swimsuit this year. Kinda late now so this is going on my list for next year.

    • I can’t believe summer is already over! I only had the chance the wear this swimsut this one time though, not enough time this summer… You should make one next year!

  • Jason

    Great job as always. I look forward to your posts.

    I live in Kansas City Missouri, we have a wave pool at “Oceans of Fun” and they do the same thing you describe there. Safety safety safety.

    Thank you for your excellent presentation of these sewing projects.

    • Oceans of fun! I prefer the real beach but wave pools are fun especially for my son. I guess the breaks are very important to make sure that everyone is safe. I don’t have it in my own country (Indonesia)!