Lace Brazillians panties – Boobytraps patterns

Lace Brazillians panties

These lace panties look so weird when not worn, but they actually fit really well on me – surprisingly quite comfortable too! These are a couple of quick things that I made yesterday with a new pattern. I\\’ve heard about Booby Traps patterns before but this Australian-based company only ship to Canada, England, America, and New Zealand. Until recently I found out that they have digital patterns!

For my first try, I chose the simplest one (in my opinion) which is the Lace Brazillians. This pattern only needs some stretch lace and cotton jersey for the gusset. Although the pattern and instructions are in PDF format, they are not instant download. They sent me a dropbox link a day after I placed the order. The pattern is in A2 format, so I had to tile-printed it. I wish that they will format the patterns for A4 in the future.
\\'Lace \\'Lace
As I\\’ve thought, this is a very quick and easy pattern. After finished cutting the pattern, it only took about 15 minutes to make a pair of panties. Because it only uses stretch lace, you don\\’t have to fiddle with attaching underwear elastic like usual panties.

For the constructions, I only use sewing machine to make the panties. I use straight stitch for all the center seam, then topstitched from the right side using wide triple zigzag stitch the keep the seam allowances flat.The waistband is attached to the back and front piece using triple zigzag stitches. The cotton jersey is attached last, again using triple zigzag stitches.

\\'Lace \\'Lace

I have lots of stretch lace bought on sale or left over from past projects, so this pattern is perfect for them. I\\’m happy with the result and now intrigued to try other Booby Traps patterns!

\\'Lace \\'Lace

Pattern is Lace Brazillians by Booby Traps, size 8 (PDF pattern).

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  • They look great – but the big question is . . . . Are they comfy? I do hope so as they are so cute! And what a great way to use up scrap lace!

    • I must say that they are more comfortable than I thought. If the lace is soft and has the right stretchiness, they stay in place and don’t scratch your skin. Of course they won’t be as comfortable as plain cotton panties, but I guess sexy lingerie doesn’t equal comfortable 😛

  • Awesome! Thanks for sharing, I’ve never heard of Booby Straps before.

  • Chie

    These look so good! I love how you explore with new patterns and projects. I’m interested in making this myself:

    • That one is very sexy! I was interested in that one too but it said that it’s a large pattern sheet. Maybe it can also be tile-printed…. Looking forward to see your version!