Culottes and tops

Cropped top and culottes Cropped top and culottes

I haven’t sewed for quite a while because it was too cold so I’m happy that it is now getting warmer everyday! This cropped top is part of Burdastyle February Flagship kit that contains about 40 patterns.

I printed the pattern at 92% as I usually do for Burdastyle patterns, not realizing that it is already a petite pattern! So I have to add the length back to the pattern. I should have used size 17 in normal printed size (100%). If you’re not a petite, this top might be too short as it is already the perfect length for a petite person.

Cropped top and culottes Cropped top and culottes

Cropped top Culottes

The fabric is some medium-weight cotton with Japanese style pattern. I think I bought it about 5 years ago to make a shirt for Sidra but then he didn’t like the fabric…. Anyway, the top is very simple with only three pattern pieces. The neckline and underarm were finished with bias binding. The original pattern has the back completely open, only connected by a button and loop, I changed it so it is closed with an opening at the top.

I also made a pair of culottes with this Burda pattern, as usual in size 38 printed at 92%. The culottes has two front big pleats, back darts, zipper fly, and a couple of side seam pockets. I hemmed the culottes at midi length.

Cropped top and culottes Cropped top and culottes

At first I wasn’t so sure about wearing culottes as this is a new silhouette for me, both culottes and the midi length. I like them, they are more comfortable than a skirt or a pair of pants. My husband said that they look like silat (lndonesian martial arts) pants though!

Striped T-shirt and culottes Striped T-shirt and culottes

Since I was already at the sewing machine, I also whipped up a quick T-shirt with some striped jersey. The pattern is based on Ensis tee by Papercut patterns. The top parts are connected back to the bottom parts so it becomes a regular T-shirt pattern. Then I cut a curved form on the front part to make the stripes get distorted a bit at the seamlines.

It is still too cold to wear these tops without a jacket or coat now but I’m ready for spring!
Striped T-shirt and culottes Striped T-shirt

Striped T-shirt and culottes Striped T-shirt and culottes

Top pattern is Cap Sleeve Cropped Top 02/2015 #127 (PDF) – part of February Burdastyle Flagship kit, size 19 printed at 92%.
Culottes pattern is Wide Patterned Culottes 03/2015 #126A – Burdastyle(PDF), size 38 printed at 92%.
T-shirt pattern is Ensis Tee – Papercut patterns, size XXS (altered).

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  • Hi Novita. I just found your blog via Kollabora. Your blog is so interesting and I’m especially interested in reading a sewing blog written by an Indonesian living in Japan!

    • Thank you for visiting my blog Sundari!

  • Sofía

    Hi, Novita! The crop top is so cute, I really love the Japanese pattern of the fabric. Do you know where could I buy something similar? Online, of course, because Tokyo was a little bit far away from Europe last time I checked… 😉

    The culottes are also amazing, and they really suit you. You’ve inspired me to make my own culottes! I put some pictures on my blog, if you like to see them 🙂

    • I’m not really sure where to buy it online. Maybe you can try etsy store like this one: She is based in Japan, so maybe you can ask her? I’m not sorry for not too helpful!

      Your culottes look great! Will you make them again? Using heavier fabric will showcase the pleats better 🙂

      • Thanks, Novita! I’ll definitely give that shop a try, she has some nice fabrics 🙂

        And I’m already thinking on a second pair of culottes, using some medium or lightweight printed cotton. As you said, it will showcase the pleats better. (And ironing properly my current culottes would also improve the shape of the pleats, I’m just too impatient! xD)

  • Elena Knits

    Your outfit speaks of spring! I hope it comes soon to be able to dress like this outside 🙂

  • Momo

    Hi Novita, I was your latest project on Burda and fell in love with your top and Culottes. I was thinking of making those Culottes too and now a new pair is definitely my next project! I also noticed that you live in Tokyo too. Am so glad to find a fellow seamstress! Nice to meet you!

    • Hi Momo, thank you for dropping by. Nice meeting you too!

  • All very nice! I’ve been thinking about a midi length skirt for a while, but thank you for making me consider culottes!

  • Love it all but that first top and culottes are especially flattering 🙂

  • Amy

    Culottes are awesome! It’s getting warmer here too but I am trying to finish up my winter sewing and not get distracted ;). Do you like the format of the BurdaStyle kit? I let my Burda subscription expire last summer and this seems like a good option if I get in a mood for one.

    • I like it! The kit has several colections, each collections has several patterns and instructions in separate PDF files (big!). It would be better if each pattern is in separate files, but they also have table of contents so you can choose which pages that you want to print. I love Burdastyle PDF patterns because I always scale them to get my perfect fit.

  • Nice to see you sewing again. Love it all, you cant beat navy and white,. Love the fabric with the squares, so unusual

  • These culottes are on my sewing list as well! Great to see them made up, makes me want to sew them even more. Can’t decide whether I’ll go with plain black as well or pick a print… 🙂

  • sallieforrer

    Oh I love it! I’ve been looking for a good pleated culotte pattern so I’ll have to check this one out. I especially love the distorted stripes on the tee, it adds such interest!

  • Jennifer R

    Both are lovely. The fabric for the shirt is perfect. I may try the pattern I love the seaming and the cap sleeve and I’m petite. I just made the style arc culotte but haven’t been able to wear them yet. It’s new to me too but I think I’m going to like them so comfortable and the front pleats hang beautifully.

    • The crop top is so easy and cute! I’ve been eyeing that StyleArc culottes as well, can’t wait to see how they look like in person! 🙂

  • Very cute. Culottes are great, and work well with both of those top styles.

  • I think the whole outfit looks great!