Saboten the chihuahua

Saboten the chihuahua

After Shake the dachshund left, we took a break from fostering for several months. We started again recently and this cutie pooch has been staying with us for a couple of weeks. His name is Saboten, which means ‘cactus’ in Japanese. It is not his real name though, so he doesn’t really understand when someone calls ‘Saboten!’. Nobody knows his real name or age because Saboten was found abandoned in a cage. This is Saboten’s profile page in ARK website.

Saboten the chihuahua

I can’t imagine why someone would just get rid of a dog like Saboten. He behaves very well, doesn’t make a mess and doesn’t demand attention all the time. He’s very confident and not as noisy as most chihuahuas. Most of all, he really loves children. My house is often full of boys after school and Saboten just casually hangs around with the boys. Our previous foster dogs would get very nervous, hiding or barking all the time.

Playing with Saboten

So it is not surprising that he already found a family! The family has several school-age children, perfect for Saboten. He will be leaving at the end of the week. I will remember Saboten as one of the sweetest dog that I’ve ever known. Good luck Saboten!

Saboten and Fuwawa
Saboten the chihuahua
With Saboten
Family picture with Saboten

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  • Kyle

    so so so sweet!

  • Awww this is so sweet! It’s amazing that you foster dogs. It warms our hearts.

  • Sara Mayo

    He looks like a sweet, tame fox

  • lisa g

    Glad he’s found a home! What a sweet dog 🙂

  • Kate Carvalho

    omg. Soooo cute. Good luck Saboten!

    • He is super cute! I think he is one of the sweetest one that I have ever fostered. The house feels rather empty now that he has left 🙂

  • Awww what a lovely little dog and I’m glad to hear he found a nice home! What an amazing gift you give to poor pups! I’ve thought about fostering, but I think I would be too tempted to keep them all!

    • Oh it is so hard not to think about keeping them all! It’s a good thing we’ve already adopted our dog Fuwawa who has a rather difficult personality. We can’t adopt another one if they don’t get along with Fuwawa 😛

  • What a sweetie! I am so glad he’s found a good home!

    • I’m sure he will bring happiness to his new home!

  • What a sweet dog. I’m glad he’s found a new home. Novita, you are an inspiration. After reading of your dog fostering, I asked my family if we could do that too. I got a resounding ‘No!’, but they were willing to adopt a rescue dog – we get him this Saturday.

    • That is an awesome news! I’m so hapy to hear that you decided to adopt. Congratulations to the new family member!

  • What a wonderful dog! I love those photos with Sidra, and I’m so happy he’s found a home with kids to play with!

    • I’m sure he will be busy with three kids running around with him!

  • Elena Knits

    It’s still unbelievable to me how somebody can abandon a dog or any other pet, or children. I’m very glad that Saboten has finally found a permanent family and I’m sure it’ll be hard to say goodbye.

    • Yes it is unbelievable! He is always so sweet and happy as if he is not affected by being abandoned. I guess dogs truly live in the present 🙂