One year with Fuwawa

One year with Fuwawa
One year with Fuwawa

One year ago we met Fuwawa for the first time. She has lived as a breeding dog for the first seven years of her life until the breeder had to close down. Initially, the breeder wanted to put down all of their Chinese Crested dogs but fortunately they didn’t have enough money to do so. They handed all the dogs to the ARK shelter instead, who then sent Fuwawa to us to be fostered.

The first few days in our house, Fuwawa was still very nervous and spent most of her time hiding in her crate. She was debarked by the breeder so she couldn’t make a sound. I wonder if that is one of the reasons she looked so sad. When she got excited, she seemed to want to bark, but the effort often make her coughing.

After several weeks, Fuwawa has already trusted us and can get relaxed when we touched her. Dogs are wonderful creatures, they don’t hold grudges and always live in the present. Fuwawa still gets easily nervous when there’s a loud noise or too many people around. When she got scared, she would look at us for reassurance. I’m happy that she can trust human again.

We adopted Fuwawa after fostering her for a month. Now she spends her days sleeping on the couch. She is still not interested in toys or playing with other dogs. But I think as long as she’s feeling safe, it doesn’t matter what she does all day. She is a bit active when she just wakes up, then she would try to wake me or my husband by scratching our heads. Sometimes she plays too! She would circle around and run around the room in the morning. She also loves to follow me so closely that I often bump into her.

I hope she is happy with us and that we can have the opportunity to love her for a long time. Thank you for coming into our lives, we love you Fuwawa!

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  • louize

    Happy anniversary! you can see such a change in her just in this series of photos!
    My dog is still my constant shadow, even after 12 years, I guess some habits they will never lose 🙂

  • Tara

    Happy adoptiversary, Fuwawa! I hope you have many more happy years together with your family!

  • rc

    It’s so funny, but I love Fuwawa too! I love when you post pics of her on Instagram. Happy one year to her and you! 🙂

  • What a sweet girl! I’m so glad you guys were matched up- she seems so confident and happy in your home, and it’s clear that the three of you really love her. I wish you many years of happiness together. 🙂

  • Sandra Julian

    She is such an amazing dog, and probably because she spent the first seven years of her life always pregnant she probably doesn’t know anything other than resting. She is so lucky to have such a loving family for the rest of her life. I love all the instagram photos of her 🙂

  • Oh what a sad story but definitely with a happy ending! Lovely little dog xx

  • Lucky Fuwawa! I love your foster stories – so glad this one became a permanent part of your family!