Goodbye Shoronpo and Hello Shake!

Goodbye Shoronpo!
Goodbye Shoronpo!

A couple of weeks ago we said goodbye to Shoronpo as he has finally found a forever home! It is always a bittersweet moment when it happened. We are happy though to see him go and will always remember the time when he is in our home. Congratulations Shoronpo!

Shoronpo the Chihuahua
Shoronpo and Fuwawa
Shoronpo and Fuwawa

After Shoronpo left, we welcomed Shake, an 11 years old female dachshund. Her name means ‘salmon fish’ in Japanese and it is pronounced like ‘shock-eh’. When her previous owner had to move out of their home, for some reason they couldn’t take Shake with them so she was brought to the shelter. She actually came to the shelter with her son, but he got adopted sometime ago. Here is Shake’s profile page in ARK website.

Shake doesn’t act like an old dog at all! She is very sweet, confident, and playful. She’s toilet-trained with pee sheet and has never made mistake in our house. I found out that Shake also understand several commands like come, sit, stay, handshake, and down (in Japanese). Maybe she knows more commands that I haven’t found out!

Shake the Dachshund
Shake the Dachshund

Shake is so sweet and well-behaved, she must have had lots of love and attention from her previous wner. I feel sad thinking about them, they must be heartbroken to be in situation where they couldn’t keep Shake and her son anymore.

Shake is now already looking very comfortable around the house. She loves to jump on my husband’s or my lap and is not shy asking for attention. I often find her staring at me with her round, loving eyes. I’m almost falling in love with her! Too bad that she and Fuwawa doesnt get along very well. Fuwawa loves to sleep all day and she gets angry if Shake makes too much noise playing with her toys (-_-).

Shake the Dachshund
Shake the Dachshund

I’m not too worried though as long as they don’t find and just ignore each other. Fuwawa never gets along with any of the fosters anyway. Maybe if one day we find the one that Fuwawa really likes, we will think about adopting another. For now, we will love Shake for the time she is with us and hope that she find a loving home soon!

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  • Mamad


  • Shake is so gorgeous! She sounds like such a sweet girl, too. Wish I was close enough to take her!

  • Its a wonderful thing you do! We have adopted three dogs. The first two were Boxers, they lived their lives out with us. They were wonderful furry kids to us. Now we have Keeper, he is a Great Pyrenees. he is wonderful. All have come from rescue groups, because of people just like you who foster them till they find their forever home. :O)

    • It is so wonderful that you adopted three fur babies! I wish there are more people like you 🙂

  • JJ

    How sweet! I’d take her, too, if I didn’t live so far away.

  • You are doing such an amazing thing! Shake is just adorable!! Wish I could take her!!

  • Shake’s quite pretty with her long hair. How’s she doing without her son by her side? She looks content and not stressed.

    • She’s not stressed at all! At the shelter, they seemed to encourage each other to keep barking. Once they were separated, both calmed down and began to adapt well 🙂

  • Laila

    Ahh I love your life posts! That dog seems so adorable~