A Bit of This and A Bit of That

Thank you for all the wonderful messages for Sidra’s birthday! I read them all to him and he asked me: “Who are they, Mama?” 😀 Internet can be a wonderful place sometimes, don’t you think? My husband and I gave him a set of kobito DVD and karuta (Japanese card game). Sidra had been wanting them for sometime and almost bought them from his pocket money. He already has four kobito books, one doll, and one keychain!

Raffle gift from Jojoebi
A Bit of This and A Bit of That
Sidra and Space Caset
Happy boy!

Then  a surprise package came in yesterday night! A few days ago, I won a gift package from Jojoebi at A Bit of This and A Bit of That, and the package arrived just in time for Sidra’s birthday! Jo sent a tote bag filled with a cute brooch (so thoughtfully made me a purple one), a shelf buddy, a set of little house rainbow coasters, a set of rainbow gnomes, a set of postcards printed on washi paper, a little patchwork coaster, and a Space Cadet Doll sewing kit.

The Space Cadet Doll is so simple and easy. I made it immediately and it was finished in thirty minutes! So cute! Sidra called him ‘Beida-kun’. I asked him what that means, and he said: “Well, nothing, it’s just his name.” Look at his happy face this morning! Thank you so much, Jo!

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  • It looks like Sidra had a really good birthday.

    I just visited some of my grandchildren on Spring Break. Sidra would have had fun with us. Jack (9) and Julia (6) played Old Maid (a card game), and Scrabble, and Chess with e. I watched them, along their brother (12), ride bikes and scooters, and shoot many basketball goals, outside. Julia read to me, Jack and Julia played their piano festival pieces for me. We went to the zoo , and all three watched movies with their uncle. I also helped Henry (12) look up information for a project due after Spring Break but forgotten until a day or 2 before. He will play his piano piece sometime when I call them.

    You talked about taking a picnic. That what we did when we went to the zoo.

  • cute gift and happy belated birthday sidra and many happy blessings to you and family too <3

  • Wow….how to order the package

  • Ivanchika

    Happy and such a sweet boy (I bet that he is very polite too :-))!!!

  • So glad Sidra had a good birthday and loves the space cadet. Ebi-kuns space cadet is called…’space cadet’ lol

  • Marilyn

    Awesome package and a great doll! I love the name too!!