Laurie tee

Laurie tee Laurie tee

My second Named Clothing pattern! This one is called Laurie striped tee. Here’s the description from the website: “A classic T-shirt with wide horizontal pleats on front that create a striped effect. A loose-fitting and casual model with short sleeves. Choose and elastic tricot, preferably quite thin. A slightly translucent fabric will make the striped effect stand out.”

I still don’t like that I have to print, tape, and still do the tracing, but this pattern is only three pieces. I just traced the front and cut the rest from the taped paper. The pattern is drafted for 172 cm, so I shortened it a lot. As the front piece has horizontal pleats, it couldn’t just be shortened at the hem or waist. I did it by dividing the length difference then reduced the distance between the pleats. This way the front piece keeps the proportion. And that was the only alteration I made!

Laurie tee Laurie tee
Laurie tee Laurie tee

The fabric is this transparent mesh in black and white printed pattern. I used my overlocker for all the seams except for the hem and sleeves hem. The hem was folded twice and topstitched using long and somewhat narrow zigzag stitches. Initially I tried to stitch a piece of clear elastic to strengthen the shoulder seam but my machine kept ‘eating’ the fabric, so I used strips of the selvedges with great result.

I can’t say anything about the instructions because I didn’t read them at all. It’s all text with no pictures. But this is such a simple pattern so you won’t really need the instructions. Sew shoulder seams – finish neckline – attach sleeves – sew side seams – finish sleeves and hem. That’s it for a tee.

I think it is important to use thin, a bit slinky fabric for this pattern so the pleats won’t be too heavy. The tee looks kinda boxy on the hanger, but it looks very flattering when worn! My new fave tee!

Pattern is Laurie tee (PDF) size 34.

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