Dog saddle bag

Dog saddle bag
Monte has been with us for a week now. I take him for a walk twice a day and he seems to enjoy this routine. He’s very energetic though, which is quite good for a dog at his age. But it means that I get tired before he does, and he still needs more exercise to calm him down (or I need more exercise so I can keep up with him).

I read somewhere that wearing a backpack can give the dog more exercise and sometimes helps focusing his attention. Monte is pulling on the leash a lot and easily distracted by so many smells around him. Well, he is a beagle after all. I decided to make him a saddle bag and see if it can help with his exercise.

I was inspired by this Dog hiking backpack tutorial I found in Crafster, but I made my own measurements. The fabric is camo print cotton, the same as Sidra’s school bags and pouches. It is basically a rectangle base with two pouches attached on each side. The D-ring tabs were sandwiched between each layer of the base before it was turned right side out and topstitched around the edge. My base is 20 x 41 cm.

Dog saddle bag Dog saddle bag

One of the pouches has zipper and the other is a pocket with flap and velcro closure. The reason was simply because I only had one zipper in this color. They were attached to the base the way you attached a pocket flap.

Dog saddle bag Dog saddle bag

Then I stitched two sets of cotton webbing with plastic buckles on each end to the base underneath each pouches. One set goes down around his body and the other goes front around his chest. I also attached a handle on the top for easier placement. Each end of cotton webbing is reinforced by stitching a box with X mark inside.
Dog saddle bag Dog saddle bag
Awww look at that sad face! I think Monte was not thrilled with the saddle bag. He walked sluggishly the first time I put the bag on as if it was so heavy. In fact I just put his poo bags and some treats in it.

I took him for a walk with his saddle bag on. He slowed down and seemed to respond more to my command. I’m not sure if it was because of the bag or because he’s getting used with me though. Anyway he forgot about the bag soon and seemed happy as usual in his next walk. I took the bag out today for photos and he came to wagging his tail, I guess he thought I was going to take him for a walk! The bag also attracted people’s attention, maybe they think I’m too lazy to carry my dog’s poo 😛

On a more serious note, I don’t think we’re going to adopt Monte or any dogs soon. Maybe we’re going to keep fostering but still not sure about a long term one. I will post more about this, but for now I don’t really want to think about it because it makes me sad. I just want to enjoy the happy time with Monte as much as possible. Time will tell.

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  • Carrie

    OMG – that is just the cutest thing ever. I’m afraid to show this to my boyfriend, because he would love it too much and I’d have to make two for our two Yorkie-Poos (which we’d subsequently NEVER use).

    Also, Monty is simply adorable! You should put him up on!

  • I’m sure it’s going to be sad to say goodbye but it sounds like the best thing for everyone involved. Let’s hope he goes to a happy, loving home.

    Will you be sending the bag with him when he goes?

    • Yes I hope so too!
      I don’t think the bag will go with him as we probably won’t meet the adopter family. But I can use it when we’re fostering again 🙂

  • Bonnie

    I have a beagle mix and she is the sweetest dog. She does pull a lot when we walk but what really helps is a Gentle Leader. It’s a collar that’s like a halter (like on a horse, goes around their nose and head). My dog hated it at first but it calms her down for a walk and makes it so my little girls can walk her without pulling them over. Dog got used to it and puts her nose out so I can put it on her now. Any kind of hunting dog is hard to have in the house all the time. They really love to “hunt” and need lots of open space to run. Our dog has a huge yard which is the only way we could have her. So sorry that you can’t keep her, the right dog will come your way. But no matter what dog a Gentle Leader is really a good idea instead of a traditional collar.

    • We don’t have a bug yard so that’s my concern too. I think it will be better if he can go to a house with bigger space 🙂

  • susana

    Me hace usted reír:D ,siempre tuve mascotas amadas ,pero me sentía incapaz de tener niños quería tener una vida de aventuras me gustaba mi vida.A los 36 años me quede embarazada accidentalmente .Lo que pude evitar tantos años estaba en mi puerta.No quiero comparar tener niños con mascotas ,pero a veces algo para lo que uno no esta preparado ni quiere llega a nuestra puerta.
    Tuve mi hija y a los 40 tuve otra hija ,ellas y nuestras mascotas son la alegría de la vida.Tengo 52 años y cuando sea vieja no creo tener mas energía para cuidar niños ni mascotas.
    1000 cariños .Siempre la leo.Pero jamas tengo nada que agregar a su increíble conocimiento

    • Thank you for the comment but I’m sorry I don’t understand…

      • Bin

        You make me laugh: D, I always loved pets, but I was unable to have children wanted to have a life of adventure vida.A
        Google translate 🙂

        I liked my 36 years I got pregnant accidentally. Whatever could avoid so many years was at my door. I do not want to have children compare with pets, but sometimes something for which one is not prepared or wants comes to our door.
        I had my daughter and had another daughter 40, they and our pets are the joy of vida.Tengo 52 years old and when I have more energy not to care for children or pets.
        1000 affection. Always the ever leo.Pero I have nothing to add to his incredible knowledge

      • deebee

        I think Google Translate loses a bit of the meaning, so maybe this will help:

        You make me laugh :D, I have always had pets that I loved, but I didn’t used to feel capable of having children. I wanted to have a life of adventure, I liked my life. At 36 years, I found myself pregnant accidentally. What I had been able to avoid for so many years was at my door. I don’t want to compare having children with pets, but at times something that you aren’t prepared for and don’t want arrives at your door.

        I had my daughter, and at 40, I had another daughter. My daughters and my pets are the happiness of my life. I am now 52 years old and when I get old, I don’t think I’ll have more energy to care for children or pets.

        Much affection. I always read you. But I never have anything to add to your incredible knowledge.


        By the way, I really enjoy your blog, too! 🙂

        • Thank you so much! It’s perfectly clear now! 🙂 🙂

  • I think this is a a very good idea. Our dog is afraid of storms and the vet has recommended a “thunder shirt” I guess that the feeling of a confined shirt helps dogs feel relaxed. Who knows maybe the bag works the same way. Also, I think it is very kind of you to thoughtfully foster and not blindly adopt an animal you might not be able to keep.

    • Hey this is a bit random but I just had to say, I think your vet is crazy I have no idea where any kind of science could have come into a suggestion like that…… Can you get Adaptil where you live? Its popular in the UK, it is a pheromone releasing product that you can get in collar, spray or plug-in. I think the spray could really help your dog. 🙂

    • I’ve heard about thunder shirt! I might try it too if we have foster dogs who are afraid of storms. It is hard deciding not to adopt Monte, but it is the best for him 🙂

      • Dee

        I think it’s wonderful that you’re sharing your time and kindness with these dogs so that they’ll make wonderful companions for someone else.
        Our sweet, old dog was a shelter rescue. She’s been the best dog ever, and now that she’s old, we fondly remember when she was a puppy and pulling at her leash. She’s always been afraid of thunder, we still let her climb into our bed during storms. She just shakes and whines. I wish I’d heard of a thunder shirt when she was younger, it might have helped. I think putting on and taking off a shirt now might cause her pain, otherwise, I’d try it. It sounds like an excellent idea.

  • It’s cute how quickly Monte started to associate his saddle bag with walk time! 🙂 I think it is a brilliant idea and very useful, enjoy Monte’s time with you xx

  • I should try this with my male dog. Heck, I’m willing to try almost anything to get him to stop tugging at his leash while we walk.

  • Rose

    I love this bag! What a great idea. I know what you mean about pets, I’m fostering 2 rag-doll cats for a year for my friend, and though I love having them it’s made me realise I don’t want a long-term pet until I’m much older.

    • I have the same thought! Maybe when I’m much older… 🙂

  • adorable! I would love to make one of these! When I quit sewing for myself 🙂