The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook!

The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook

It finally arrived! It has been more than a year since I sent the blouse variations that I made for the book, and it is kind of strange to finally see it worn by a model in this  beautiful pattern book. I’m so excited!

The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
Let’s Start Sewing: Choosing and cutting fabric, finishing, and closures

The first three chapters of the book is about all the things you need to know before start sewing. What kind of tools you will need, reading patterns and measurements, and of course choosing fabrics and finally cutting them.

There are five basic patterns in this book, each with two additions of variations made by Burdastyle members with how-to. There are also more variations by Burdastyle members to show how each pattern can be interpreted.

The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
The Skirt plus two how-to variations by Burdastyle members
The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
Skirt variations by Burdastyle members
The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
The Blouse plus two how-to variations by Burdastyle members
The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
My blouse variation!

Here is my blouse variation! It is made with gorgeous striped silk from B&J Fabrics in strawberry and peanut butter colours. The blouse is still with Burdastyle at the moment, I will post more pictures about the blouse once they send it back!

The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
That’s me!

Talking about my favorite outfit or look, I said ,“Basically, I just want something that hangs from my shoulders and doesn’t interfere with any other part of my body, so fitted clothes are definitely not my style.” I guess I have changed now! Recently I’ve started to make more separates and clothes that define the waist area.

The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
More blouse variations
The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
The Dress plus two how-to variations by Burdastyle members
The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
More dress variations

I love all the dresses variations, especially Natty Jane’s. You can see her post about it here. It is such an adorable summer dress.

The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
The Coat plus two how-to variations by Burdastyle members
The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
Coat variations

Such a perfect time to make my first coat, isn’t it? I’ve already have the perfect fabric in my stash, so I hope I can start making the coat soon!

The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
The Bag plus two how-to variations by Burdastyle members

My husband loves Jeffrey‘s bag variations. I really hope Burdastyle will come up with men’s patterns next time!

The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
Bag variations
The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook
Neat box with five multi-sizes patterns

Time to get busy!

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  • dori

    hi!Firstly I want to Congratulation because I adore your dresses!!:)Secondly I have to aks:where can I buy this book?:D

  • Hai Mbak Novita….
    Mbak, bukunya bisa didapetin dimana ya? saya ingin beli buku itu, tapi di Indonesia gak ada kayaknya, sudah coba tanya di toko buku di mall-mall semua jawabannya sama : “gak ada”. kalau transaksi online di luar negeri saya gak ada pengalaman sama sekali. Mbak novita bisa bantu saya kah?

    • verypurpleperson

      Hai Yuanita, saya ngga tau kalo di Indonesia bisa dibeli di mana.
      Bisa dibeli lewat, link ke bukunya ada di side bar. Atau search judul bukunya di Amazon. Ikuti petunjuk untuk New Customer aja di bagian paling atas halaman Amazon atau halaman Help.
      Hope that helps.

    • Diah

      Mbak Yuanita dan Mbak Novita,
      Mau info aja, saya pernah liat buku The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook ini di toko buku Periplus di Pondok Indah Mal I. Kalo nggak salah di Kinokuniya PIM saya juga pernah liat.
      Sempet kepikir beli, beberapa kali ke sana buku itu selalu saya pegang-pegang, tapi nggak pernah jadi. Tapi sekarang tau Mbak Novita ikut kontribusi di situ, langsung kepikir untuk beli next time saya ke sana. Saluuut!

      • Mbak Novita dan Mbak Diah,
        terima kasih infonya. saya akhirnya menemukan buku itu di Periplus. rencana bulan depan mau beli.
        arigato gozaimasu…

  • Hi,
    mbak novita [Indonesian, right?] Aku pernah baca novelnya mbak..hehe..
    Didn’t know if you can sew..thought you are a writer. Did you learn to sew in school or by the book only? I really wanted to be like you, I even learn from your wallet tutorial *downloaded the pdf. I’m learning to sew a tote bag now..and still learning how to make a straight seam. *huft.

    And I envy the book. How can I get it? [susah pisan beli online ke luar negri euy.]
    It sounds so great living in sister will be so envy if she knows. She love Japan so much.

    Well, this is a great site. I’ll visit again.

  • I am still waiting for my copy of the book as well as my variation of the dress, was so excited to see my dress albeit small pic along with other variations. can’t wait to wear it.

    Your blouse is stylish and the fabric reminds of the one i used for making 4 panel skirt i made during Sew Skirts September month, for my daughter, similar diagonal stripes in purple color.

  • nalani


  • Martina

    Hallo Novita and hallo everyone else,

    as I am a bloody beginner und obviously not very talented in seewing, croiching, etc (because of my impacience, I believe), I always geed jealous, when I see your newest looks and designs…
    Could you recommend me a very, very simple beginner pattern for a skirt? My legs are not that skinny, but nevertheless, it should not be covering the knees, I think a big shorter would be finde. The other problem is, that I have no taille/waist, I don’t no the correct english word for this. So I usually wear jeans that fit on the hip oder clothes, in the empire style , in any case not drawing the attention on the not existing waist/taille…
    There is an old very funny Dirndl that I’d like to recycle, as I although like the ethnic style. The fabric of the Dirndl would be enough for a little skirt, I think. I could imagine one of your here shown models, there once was one with not soo narrow pleats, but I think that makes a bit big hips….
    Perhaps I should just visit a sewing course :))

  • Marilyn

    Congratulations Novita!!! Someday if I ever meet you in Japan, you will have to sign the book! : ))

  • Ai

    the more i am excited to get hold a copy of this book.
    this is one of my wishlist this holidays… i hope it will be granted.

  • Your variation is really beautiful!! The book is going to be on my christmas wichlist, let’s hope I’ll get it 🙂

  • Your blouse looks perfect for the summer! I can’t wait to see get this book and try it out!

  • Congratulations! Your blouse looks lovely, and this book looks like it’s full of great ideas too xx

  • i agree w/ olive. didn’t think i needed another sewing book but now i’m tempted to pick this up. 🙂

  • I didn’t think I needed another book in my collection, but now I am sure that I do! I love your blouse, and your blog.

  • Oooh, these books always overwhelm me… but this looks quite ‘doable’ for the beginner? The pattern sheets make me insecure though, hahaha!

    • verypurpleperson

      I believe it is very doable! You can start with making the bag or the skirt, play around with several variations, continue with the dress and blouse and end with the coat!
      Tracing the pattern might be a bit confusing, but I’m used to Japanese pattern books who always have lots of lines to trace, so it is okay. I think it just needs a bit of practice to get used to it 🙂

  • You’re blouse variation is great! I was really happy to see that you were one of the featured variations in the book… you definitely deserve it! And thanks for the shout out!