In my mail today

Diego in Sidra
Happy boy!

Look at this picture! Isn’t he sooo adorable? You can immediately imagine him running around happily in the cape, pretending he could fly.

His name is Diego and he lives in London. Diego just gave another chance of life to Sidra’s winter cape that has become too small. It is one of several Sidra’s clothes that I gave away in this closet clearance.

When I opened my mail this morning, I found an email from Diego’s mom with several pictures attached. Looking at the pictures of a happy little boy wearing something that I’ve made with love, I almost got tears in my eyes. I never knew that these kind of things can make me this happy! It’s amazing that we can still find something new about ourselves everyday.

I showed the picture to my husband and he got a little teary himself. He’s a very sensitive man. Then I showed the picture to Sidra and he got a bit sulky. Hahaha. But he’s happy after I explained (again!) that we shouldn’t hold on to something that we can never use anymore. That this picture of a happy boy is a thousand times better than the sight of unwearable clothes piling in the closet. Well, actually he’s happy after I promised to make more clothes for him (-_-;)

It is so wonderful to start a day with happy feeling. Thank you, Mary P. and Diego!

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